Android 12.1 enhances the user experience in foldable phones

XDA Developers has shared some new details about the Android 12.1 update that aims to enhance the user experience of foldable phones.

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And Google began developing the new update for Android 12, which was already monitored by XDA developers, as Google offers this version later with more features for users of foldable phones.

The leaks indicate that Google has begun to focus on improving the user experience in foldable phones.

XDA Developers explained the new design of the taskbar in the Android 12.1 update, which appears when the screen is opened to full view mode, or when the two screens are separated, provided that the taskbar disappears when opening an application in full screen.

The update will also support long-pressing on an application in the taskbar and then dragging the application to open the application in one of the screens, and the user can also long press on the taskbar to hide it from the screen, and the taskbar also supports adding applications of the user’s choice.

The leaks indicate improvements in the animations that show the state of opening or closing the screen, and expectations indicate an improvement in the user experience in multitasking on the screen, so we await more details about the upcoming Android 12.1 update from Google.


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