Anggiat Pasaribu’s husband is being processed by POM TNI


PPP politician Hasan Husaeri Lubis mentions husband Anggiat Pasaribu, First Lieutenant Bayu, is being questioned by the TNI Military Police (POM). Hasan said First Lieutenant Bayu was being investigated for leaving the city without permission.

“Then there is a problem with her husband which is currently being processed at the POM (military police), that will be another matter and so on,” said Hasan when opening the Anggiat and Arteria Dahlan meeting in the PDIP Faction room of the DPR RI, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday ( 25/11/2021).

Asked for more detailed confirmation, Hasan said that First Lieutenant Bayu was being investigated by POM TNI for going out of town without permission. First Lieutenant Bayu went to Bali with Anggiat and Brigadier General Moch Zamroni.

“Because her husband is out of town. Actually not without permission, there was a notification just. And this became public news, so her husband processed it that’s it, because out of town without permission,” he explained.

According to the politician who has the nickname ‘Thugs of Medan’, Lettu Bayu went to Bali to undergo alternative medicine. First Lieutenant Bayu had an accident, which broke his hand.

“Her husband fell off the motorbike, broke his arm. That’s where they went to Bali for alternative treatment actually. Because I’m afraid that something will happen during my education, I’m looking for alternative medicine,” he said.

As far as Hasan knows, Anggiat’s husband works at the Central Jakarta Kodim 0501/BS.

“Now if I’m not mistaken at the Central Kodim,” he said.

Hasan then recounted that when he returned to Jakarta, Anggiat and his husband were on the same plane as Arteria. Then there was a riot at Soetta Airport when the plane landed.

“From Bali, it’s the same plane with Arteria. I see. Arteria is also coming home from Bali there is a party event. One plane with that person,” he continued.

Before long, the incident between Anggiat and Arteria was widely discussed. Anggiat berates Arteria’s mother because of problems with the goods on the plane.

Previously, Anggiat Pasaribu conveyed his apology directly to Arteria Dahlan and his mother, Wasmiar Wahab, in the aftermath of a dispute at Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Tangerang. Anggiat Pasaribu admits that her actions were wrong and caused a commotion.

“I’m here to ask for help from Abang Rindu and everyone, thank you Bang Arteria and Ibu mau accept I miss being here,” said Anggiat in the PDIP Fraction Room of the DPR RI, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (25/11).

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