Another referees course Starts on February 1st It is also open to young players

Allowed to participate to those who have abandoned the activity carried out in the past Those who live far from Ivrea will be able to follow them via videoconference


A new course to become referees will start on Tuesday 1 February at 5.30 pm, promoted by the Aia di Ivrea section, chaired by Felice Viterbo.

Registrations are still open, as Viterbo himself explains: “After the exams that the six new referees took in December, we wanted to launch a new course, also completely free, to give new people the opportunity to undertake career as a referee in football. As already happened for the previous courses – underlines Viterbo – at the end of the cycle of lessons and the passing of the final exam, both theoretical and physical, we will accompany the new Ivrea whistles on the pitch, so that they can learn the best methods of refereeing with the right personality and rigor “.

President Viterbo then explains what are the innovations introduced to be able to enroll in the course, which will also give the new referees the opportunity to have the federal card to be able to access all stadiums: “There are four most important innovations that we wanted to introduce – he explains Viterbo -. The first concerns the possibility of dual referee-player activity: no foreclosure will be made to players aged 14 to 17 from trying to be a referee and at the same time also continuing to play as a player. Then we established an age range to enroll in the referees course, which ranges from 14 to 40 years – Viterbo still illustrates -. Another point that we care a lot about concerns the referees who, for different reasons, have resigned over the last few years: for them too there will be the possibility of being able to re-register. We also want to meet all the young people who intend to take part in the course, but who reside in places far from Ivrea: we offer them the opportunity to follow the course via videoconference ». –

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