Apple Music launches special project Dawn of the Year of the Tiger carefully selected “Chinese New Year Playlist” – Hong Kong Economic Times – TOPick – Entertainment

Apple Music launched a special plan for the Lunar New Year, and a series of new “C-Pop” works and classics will “put new clothes” on Apple Music.

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The new “Space Audio Zone: C-Pop” playlist songs include: MC Zhang Tianren’s “Memory Foam”, Serrini’s “Long-Term Romance ゲーム”, Wei Lan’s “It’s OK To Be Sad” and Joey Yung’s “Love You Love Me”, etc. Remix production with spatial audio that supports Dolby Atmos, allowing music fans to feel the singing lingering in their ears and enjoy an unprecedented sense of space.

In addition, Liming specially selected the “Chinese New Year Playlist”, and Apple Music fans are welcome to join their database and relive Leon’s favorite songs at any time; Xu Jiaying, Wu Jianhao, Xu Guanghan, Wang Jiaer, Lang Lang and Gina Alice , VAVA, Gentle Bones and other musicians also presented their “Chinese New Year Playlists”, bringing their favorite works to celebrate the New Year.

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