AppleCare + available in monthly version in France

Until now only available in cash payment, AppleCare + is now launched in monthly version in France. In the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, Apple details the products for which this option is offered. As you can see, monthly payment is currently only available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The option must be activated directly from the settings of the device concerned.

In terms of rates, this new monthly option allows payments to be spread out, but it is not really advantageous. For the iPhone 13 for example, AppleCare + costs € 169 cash or € 8.49 per month. Over two years, the twenty-four invoices will reach a total of € 203.76, or a 21% surplus. Remember that AppleCare + can cover up to two incidents of accidental damage per 12-month period for two years. In the event of damage, a deductible then applies. On the iPhone 13, a broken screen costs € 311.10 to repair from Apple: with AppleCare +, this drops to € 29.

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