As you enter The Mount, you’ll notice an exquisite collection of drawings that line the walls. These drawings are a testament to the beauty and intricacy of the architecture of the estate. Each drawing offers a glimpse into the past and tells a story about the origins of The Mount.

The collection includes a range of architectural drawings, from basic sketches to detailed blueprints. Some drawings depict the original layout of the estate, while others showcase the intricate details of the interiors. What’s truly remarkable about these drawings is the level of detail that has been captured by the architects. You can see every intricate detail of the molding, the layout of the rooms, and the placement of the windows.

  • To truly appreciate the beauty of , take your time as you walk through the halls and study each one carefully.
  • From the arched doorways to the beautiful mantels, every detail of the estate has been carefully considered and crafted.
  • The drawings are a tribute to the architects and builders who created this beautiful estate and offer a glimpse into the past.