As soon as Disney+ launched in Korea, users began to decline.

As soon as ‘Disney Plus’, which was expected to be a new powerhouse in the domestic online video service (OTT) market, landed in Korea, users are experiencing a decline. On the 26th, mobile big data platform iageworks announced the number of Disney Plus Daily Active Users (DAU) for Android OS and iOS users in Korea.

Disney Plus DAU decreased 32.7% in 10 days compared to the first day of launch in Korea. The daily DAU decreased from 593,066 on the 12th to 496,151 on the 15th, and on the 21st it was counted as 399,426, with the 400,000 collapsed.

The number of Netflix users, which seemed to have stagnated since the release of Disney Plus, increased vertically around the release of the original series ‘Hell’ (19th). Netflix DAU, which was in the low 3 million range on the 12th when Disney Plus was released, rebounded on the 17th and reached 4 million on the 21st.

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This seems to be the result of Netflix and Disney Plus users, who have many cross-users, to have different proportions of usage by platform depending on the content. The number of weekly active users (WAU) from the 15th to the 21st was 660,000 among Netflix’s 7.5 million and Disney Plus’ 580,000.

During this period, Disney Plus also lags behind major OTTs at home and abroad in terms of usage time. The average usage time per person from the 15th to the 21st was found in the order of Wave (236.8 minutes), Netflix (191.35 minutes), Teabing (186.73 minutes), Coupang (103.35 minutes), and Disney Plus (100.18).

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