Atlético Bucaramanga seeks manager on Twitter and receives mockery

The Athletic Bucaramanga He is living a complicated sporting present that has his fans angry, and a decision made by the ‘leopard’ club on his Twitter account did not improve that panorama. Managers thought it was a good idea to inform through the team’s profile on that social network that they are looking for a sports manager, but the truth is that the answers they received were not the most serious.

First, some team supporters criticized the team’s reporting via Twitter that it needed a manager. On the other hand, other Colombian soccer fans took advantage of that publication to make mocking remarks, tell friends or acquaintances that they should apply for the position, and make jokes about it.

In addition, Bucaramanga’s classified ad was quite brief and did not go into details about the profile he was looking for to hire his new sports manager. “The club is receiving resumes for the position of experienced sports manager”, was the only thing that the team managers said in the statement they issued.

Similarly, the document adds that stakeholders they will be able to send their resumes to the team offices.

Teasing among fans who responded to the publication stating that They were good at managing teams in the Fifa video game and that is why they could aspire to the position of manager at Bucaramanga. Similar comments lost the seriousness surrounding the announcement made by the ‘leopard’ team.

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Bucaramanga started the BetPlay League with good results and got to be in the first positions in a couple of days. However, surprisingly, he fired his coach from one moment to the next and now accumulates a streak of bad results that have him in tenth place in the table.

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This was the tweet the yellow team made, and then several of the taunts it received:


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