Back to Sit One Table, This is the Taliban’s List of Demands for the US

The Taliban has prepared a list of demands that will be presented to the US when the two meet again at a table in Doha, Qatar next week. Photo/Illustration/Sindonews

DOHA – Spokesman Taliban ,Suhail Shaheen said his party plans to discuss the confession United States of America (US) over the interim government when the two met in Doha, Qatar . Not only that, the Taliban will also demand asset disbursement and reconstruction Afghanistan .

Earlier, the Taliban had confirmed that a new round of negotiations with the US would begin in Qatar next week.

“They can participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan and make investments in our country and also disburse the reserves of Afghan banks; recognizes the government of the Islamic State of Afghanistan as indispensable for their mutual relations and for their investment in the country. So this is the topic that will be discussed,” said Shaheen as quoted from Sputnik, Thursday (25/11/2021).

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in mid-August, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund suspended financial aid that previously accounted for nearly 75% of Afghanistan’s public spending. Meanwhile, the US froze billions of dollars in assets belonging to the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

The country’s population is currently hit by a deepening economic, humanitarian and security crisis. The United Nations, China, as well as several human rights groups, have repeatedly urged the US to cash in on Afghan assets to avoid the country’s economic collapse.

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“Sanctions imposed on the Taliban by the US and others only exacerbate the humanitarian situation and have a negative effect on the people,” Shaheen said.

“We have to move from talking to practical steps,” the Taliban spokesman said Russia Today.

Shaheen’s comments followed an announcement by Washington that US Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West would head to Doha next week for talks with the group’s leaders. Negotiations in the Qatari capital – where the Taliban have a representative office – are expected to last for two weeks.


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