Banco Santander supports the HORECA sector with ‘tailored’ solutions

Banco Santander makes available to the sectorHORECA a specialized offer of products to facilitate day-to-day business, streamline procedures and help them face the challenges derived from the pandemic. Through Santander & Horeca, the bank approaches the needs of this group, becoming its best ally. Among them, the Santander One Companies Account, with associated cards for daily transactions, or the Collective Current Account, without administration and maintenance expenses and without commissions on transfers in national euros and the European Union.

One of the keys to a successful hospitality and restaurant business is having a efficient and secure payment system, minimizing cash handling. Banco Santander offers all its global experience in this field and offers an essential tool: the Santander POS, a device used in commercial establishments to carry out sales procedures that provides the latest technology for companies in the sector in its different modalities.

Between the options of this device There is the Fixed POS to charge at the bar and at the counter; the GPRS and WiFi POS for payments on the table or terrace; the Free POS to give mobility to the business and make payments at any time and place; the POS connected to the computer or mobile; and the Virtual POS, for those establishments in the sector that sell online, with the best payment gateway to help translate visits to the web into income. It also includes Bizum, one of the payment methods most demanded by customers to streamline their purchases.

An additional option available is Paygold, to place orders at home and have the possibility of charging remotely via SMS, WhatsApp or mail. The interesting thing is that you do not need a website or physical POS, and it has become a fast and secure way that customers can pay for their purchases without contact.

The entity has a Flat rate and competitive that automatically adapts to the invoicing of the business, and you can also opt for a very economical fee per transaction. In addition, the Santander app and the Online Banking They have a new specific section to manage the Santander POS digitally. In this space, businesses will have all the information available, from where you can see graphically the evolution of billing, search for information on a sale or return, cashier closings, POS and specific stores. In the event of any incident, the sector customer will have Santander Support at a click to download movements, request cash closings or report breakdowns.

Financing for all businesses

Financing is another of the key services to be able to grow or undertake projects. In this sense, the bank has products such as the Tax Payment Loan, the Short-Term Line of Credit, the EIB Energy Efficiency Loan, Leasing for financing facilities, machinery, real estate or any asset. They can also access Kitchen Equipment Renting, refrigeration, etc., or Bansacar Car Renting.

In addition, being a member of the HORECA collective and directing the payroll has many advantages, such as being able to opt for a personal loan under special conditions to finance expansion projects, loans for the purchase of a car or mortgage financing.

Regarding the management of collections and payments, Santander offers the hotel and catering businesses its Confirming DUO service, so that they can assure their suppliers that they will never have a problem collecting their invoices.

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