Basiková finally in love: She packed the lord of Liberec on a date?

“He’s a gentleman from Liberec, I’m in love,” this was the words of Bara Basicwho values ​​her happiness immensely and did not want to say more about her new partner. So she took it very briefly. “It was a meeting of Bára Basiková with the lord of Liberec. Of course, he perceived me as a well-known singer, but he soon realized that I was a completely normal person like everyone else. I’m glad it works and that it takes me for who I am, “ revealed the singer, as stated by the website

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The singer has already gone through several failed relationships and has even been married three times. She founded the family with former musician Petr Jícha alias Basik, with whom she has twins Anna and Maria. Second marriage to an architect Jaromír Pizinger as well did not last, and otherwise it was not even in the case of marriage to a younger actor Petr Polak (42)who became the father of Theodore’s son. However, the last marriage has been a thing of the past three years.

And she even tried her luck on dating: “For the first time in my life! I don’t even know what came to mind. A desperate time, a desperate deed … But how do I meet someone, how do I get to know someone when we are not living normally as before, when there are no social events, when there are no opportunities? ” she defended herself some time ago. Maybe she caught the mysterious lord of Liberec there, but who knows ….

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Even in terms of work, the singer is doing well. During the pandemic, Basiková wrote a book that she recently launched. “I started writing last spring when a pandemic came and I didn’t know what to do. I first wrote an internet blog called When You Jump, I also wrote about what is happening and how a pandemic is changing our lives and our world. ” Bara Basikova explained the main impulse to write the book.


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