Bayern refuses to comment on the case of defender Hernandez, but confirms his support

Bayern Munich refused to comment on the case of its French defender Lucas Hernandez, who is threatened with imprisonment in Spain for violating a restraining order issued in 2017.

Bayern stated that they did not wish to comment on the issue in detail, but stressed their support for the French player.

“First of all, this is a matter for Lucas Hernandez, I don’t want to judge that either,” said Herbert Hainer, president of the Bavarian club, during the opening of the 1900 restaurant, the club’s new restaurant in their youth camp.

He added: “He will go there next week, his case will be considered and then we will see.” Asked if the club would support Hernandez, Hainer replied: “Yes, of course.”

A spokesman for the Spanish Ministry of Justice confirmed today, Thursday, that Hernandez will have to appear before a court in Madrid next week and face a six-month prison sentence.

The 25-year-old French international, Hernandez, must inform the court next Tuesday of the place he will serve in the prison sentence imposed on him yesterday, Wednesday, for violating a ban on exposure in 2017, while he was professional at Atletico Madrid.

After his appearance in court, there will be ten days for the French defender to begin serving his prison sentence.

A restraining order was imposed against Hernandez and his girlfriend after a quarrel between them in 2017, but they returned together to Spain after their marriage, before the expiration of the penalty for not approaching each other, which takes effect for six months.

Hernandez was charged with violating the restraining order, but it was reported that the sentence fell against his wife because she did not receive the original decision of the court ruling.

Regulations in Spain stipulate that punishment applies even in the case of conciliation because this prevents any kind of forced conciliation.

Hernandez has appealed to Spain’s Supreme Court, but it is not yet clear when the court will rule on the case and whether it will prevent him from going to prison.

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