Be careful, he’s a hero! They use an Xbox One X to warm a sick pet

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In an emergency situation and under adverse conditions it is important to improvise and take advantage of what we have at hand. Curiously, a console could be a suitable solution to attend to something like this and that was what happened in a family that found in an Xbox One X a great opportunity to support the recovery of their sick pet.

Xbox One X al rescate

A report from Pure Xbox shared the testimony of a reddit user who showed the peculiar use they gave to an Xbox One X. According to the information, his family pet, a rodent named Degu fell ill and his fight against an infection caused his temperature it will go down to the degree of putting your life at risk. The family immediately thought of a heat base, but was met with the fact that they were sold out everywhere.

Faced with the urgency of keeping Degu warm, a family member thought that the Xbox One X they had at home could fulfill that function and after wrapping the little rodent they put it on top of the Microsoft console after turning it on.

Degu fighting for his life and supported by an Xbox One X

Since the goal was for him to stay overnight to ensure Degu had a better chance of surviving, it was necessary for the console to be kept busy and not just turned on, so the reddit user put in a delivery of Burnout to play for a while and then wander through the menus. Then, late at night and colder, he opted for a game that was more demanding on the console and started a game session of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Apparently, the idea was a success and Degu was able to have a warm night after all, thanks to an Xbox One X that emerged as the ideal option in an emergency.

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