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Belarus detains Russian over daughter’s Ukraine sketch – DW – 03/30/2023

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Belarus has detained a Russian nationalover the daughter of a Ukrainian expatriate who drew a sketch of the president of Belarus in Crimea. The French Embassy in Minsk says the sketch, which was shared online and is being seen as a defiance of Russian policy in the region, has put Belarus in a difficult position. The sketch has also resulted in criticism from Russian social media users, as well as some Belarusians, who call it a provocation.

1. ” Belarus detains Russian over daughter’s Ukraine sketch – DW 3/30/2023″

News broke out today that Belarus has detained a Russian man over his 6-year-old daughter’s sketch of Ukraine. The picture was found in the man’s mobile phone and was deemed to be politically charged. The man was apprehended at the Minsk airport after arriving from Moscow with his daughter.

This incident has raised concerns about the freedom of expression in Belarus as people are now being arrested for the drawings of children. It is also concerning to witness the political tensions between Belarus and Ukraine spreading to the personal level.

  • This detention marks the latest twist in the turbulent bilateral relationship between Belarus and Russia.
  • Russian authorities have expressed concern for the man’s well-being but have also openly criticized Belarus’s crackdown on free speech.
  • Some experts believe that Belarus is using this situation to exert pressure on Russia which has widened the existing bilateral gap.

This development is also likely to change the way people perceive the use of visual media to communicate in places where freedom of expression is under threat.

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On March 30, 2019, Belarusian authorities detained an Russian national over a sketch of a nationalist banner they say was made in Ukraine. The detained Russian national has since claimed that the banner in the sketch was not made in Ukraine, and that it is a creation of an underground art group known as Fibeuli. Authorities have not yet released any additional information about the detained Russian national or the origins of the sketch.

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