Best Gala awarded transformation and innovation in education

The public schools of Bogotá, their teachers, educational directors, principals and rectors and students were recognized with diplomas, statuettes, incentives and computers in the Sixth Gala of the Best that the Ministry of Education held at the Agora Convention Center to pay tribute to the men and women who work to put education first.

This is an iconic event that has become the opportunity to recognize and exalt those who tirelessly, lovingly, creatively, delivered and committed work for and for girls, boys, youth and adolescents who are in public education.

The Gala was attended by the Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López Hernández, and the Secretary of Education, Edna Bonilla Sebá, who, together with the management team of the District Secretary of Education, presented the awards to the winners of the prizes and incentives.

In the following trill, the intervention of the Mayor, in the Gala of the Best:

“That education is in the first place in Bogotá there is no doubt. That is why this gala is a way to exalt and emulate those who every day from our schools inspire our boys, girls and young people of Bogotá to give their best and discover that they have the best in their being, ”he expressed with deep emotion to the mayor Mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López.

In his intervention, he reiterated that in Colombia there are three factors that affect 70% in the future of a Colombian or a Colombian: the region in which they are born, the ethnic origin of their parents, and the educational level of the parents, in particular of mothers.

“Invest this relationship, that we only depend on 30% of factors that do not depend on us and that instead we depend on 70% of ourselves, our teachers, our training, our decisions, our discipline, our merit That is the way in the end how we should measure all the efforts we make in education ”, he said.

The Gala has become in its six editions on the stage to recognize the teachers, teachers, educational directors, principals and students of schools who stand out for transforming and innovative pedagogical practices that point to a quality education connected to the needs of the Century. XXI.

One of the important awards given on the night of the best corresponded precisely to Research and Innovation that has become the backbone of the programs of the District Secretary of Education.

“We want to recognize the small and the great efforts, we want to thank the determined work. Thanks for the effort, thanks for the dedication, thanks for the example. Thank you because with your work you honor and dignify pedagogical action ”, said the Secretary of Education, Edna Bonilla when addressing the teachers, principals, principals, rectors and administrative staff, during the opening of the Gala of the Best.

Recognitions for quality and relevance

These awards exalt schools and teachers who through their pedagogical practices enhance the integral development of girls and boys and put them first and have prioritized their needs to provide them with a quality, pertinent and transformative education, framed in the challenges of the XXI century.

The winners stood out because their pedagogical practices promote integral development, are committed to equity and inclusion and are transformative, aimed at closing gaps of inequality and inequity.

They also include recognition of the effort and commitment of schools that strengthen learning environments that promote science and technology, reading and writing, that revitalize school libraries and strengthen the learning of a single language.

All in search of scientific and digital skills, with actions of innovation and pedagogical transformation.

Access and Permanence Awards

In this Gala persistence, cooperation, creativity and, of course, inspiration were rewarded. Bogotá recognized the district educational institutions that have stood out for reducing dropout and school failure rates and ensuring that the largest number of students, from preschool to middle school, remain in the city’s public educational system.

Other institutions played it to share their experiences, knowledge and ideas in favor of a higher objective. 150 schools are already part of the Nodes of Quality, Permanence and School Coexistence, which have built academic communities that share their knowledge. The award went to those institutions that accepted the challenge of becoming entangled in the Nodes of school permanence.

District schools were also recognized for reporting significant improvements in quality and permanence over the past year.

And, finally, one of the great achievements of the city: the implementation of the rural educational policy, which seeks to settle an outstanding debt and close the historical gaps that have existed between the countryside and the city. For this reason, the schools that have adopted it and started its implementation were awarded.

School, Community and City Awards

These awards correspond to an incentive created by the Council and the Secretary of Education. It is a monetary incentive of 22 million pesos for transformative initiatives and experiences that, through the strengthening of socio-emotional and civic capacities, contribute to the integral formation of educational communities.

In the call, 94 pedagogical, academic, cultural and sports experiences were presented that were carried out by students and teachers from different district educational institutions of the city, of which 40 were selected by the evaluation committees at the local and central level of the Entity, through three categories: Transformation of family, school, community or city environments by girls and boys, Strengthening of socio-emotional and civic education through academic, cultural and sports projects that bring the school, the community and the city closer together and Collective transformation of school coexistence.

‘The School, the Community and the City’ is the best opportunity to highlight the efforts made by the schools in the District. In this way, the District Secretary of Education is committed to the well-being and integrity of all educational institutions in the city to make it possible for education in Bogotá to be in the first place.

Recognition of race servers and athletes

During the Gala there was also a recognition of more than 2,100 administrative career servants of the District Secretary of Education, within the framework of the annual Incentive Plan for administrative public servants, which grants pecuniary and non-pecuniary incentives.

They were awarded for the highest level of excellence in the annual Work Performance Assessment, in accordance with the Standard Work Performance Assessment System established by the National Civil Service Commission.

The Best employee of free appointment and removal from public management of the Entity, the ‘Best Work Team 2021’ and those who stood out in the 2020 SED virtual Olympics, the most important sporting event of the Entity, were also awarded.

Another important recognition was for the administrative servants from 5 to 40 years of service in the Entity, for their permanence and perseverance in adding their efforts over the years to provide girls, boys, youth and adolescents quality public education.

This Gala is a recognition of all the people in the educational community who work for girls, boys and young people in the public schools of Bogotá.

The list of winners can be consulted at

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