Biza installs committees for legislative amendments Population Administration

Biza installs committees for legislative amendments Population Administration

The rules and other relevant laws arising from the Population Register Decree no longer meet today’s reality and are therefore urgently in need of revision and adjustment. In this context, two committees were installed last Friday by Minister Bronto Somohardjo of the Interior in Suriname. This concerns the Evaluation and Amendment of the Legislation on the Population Register and the Civil Registry Commission.

The amendment of these laws has been on the agenda of the Surinamese Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB) for some time now, which has also made the proposal to set up these committees. The installation took place at the Department of Interior (Biza) in the presence of Biza director, Mohamad Nasier Eskak and CBB director, Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie. Both committees are set up for one year and consist of experts from the Ministry.

Earlier this year it was already announced that the Population Administration will receive a new people administration system, which will help the government with new data systems. Partly in view of the fact that the population register has been in existence for a century this year, the second committee will mainly focus on amending the Civil Registry legislation so that it can comply with contemporary developments. According to Minister Somohardjo, there is a lot of work to be done and he relies on the expertise of the committee members to bring it to a successful conclusion.

The Population Register Committee is chaired by Ida Gonsalves Jardin de Ponte and is supported by Saheeda Karamit (lawyer), Maitri Lalé (lawyer), Doreen Terborg (Coordinator of Civil Affairs Bureau), Nasiah Hassankhan (Head of Nationalities), Michael Kromodimedjo (coordinator ICT, Inspection and Automated Files), Anton Paal (matter expert) and Shantia Kowlesar (Biza).

Natasha Wong-Swie-San is the chairperson of the ‘Registry Registry’ committee and is supported by Orlando Kuisch (Coordinator Civil Registry), Soenita Ajodhia (lawyer), Vishaal Oedit (Head of Automation), Renu Dhanes (Head of Addition and Improvement ), Farsia Habieb (Biza) and Rolenski Djojotani.

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