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Journalist Bogomil Grozev has a relationship with the mysterious lady Stefi Zagorova. The two have been together for more than half a year, and Bogomil has already introduced her to all his close friends.

Steffi also introduces him to her family and does not hide that he is the man next to her, writes “Gallery”. He describes her as the love of his life and claims to his friends that he has finally met the right woman.

Already in the summer Bogomil and his current girlfriend appeared together at a performance at the Ancient Theater in Plovdiv. After that, they were spotted more than once in a company, and in the beginning of autumn they organized a romantic vacation in Italy. Only a week ago, they flew to Barcelona, ​​where they celebrated the journalist’s birthday.

Although their relationship is serious, Bogomil and Stefi do not plan to get married and have children.

The lady is the mother of a 20-year-old son who already knows the journalist and has no plans to have more heirs. Grozev also has a son from his long relationship with Anton Radichev’s only heiress, Kristina. While they were together, he helped her raise her daughter from her first marriage.

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