Bone Findings Prove Humans Made Clothes 120,000 Years Ago – When exactly did humans start making clothes? Not many know about this. But a new study of the findings of the bones, seems to have managed to show a bright spot since when humans started wearing clothes.

In their study, researchers detailed more than 60 tools made of bone, one of which was from a cetacean tooth found in the Contrabandiers Cave near Morocco’s Atlantic Coast.

From the analysis of the tools, the researchers found that the tools are the earliest evidence of clothing-making in the archaeological record.

This finding is also evidence of a complex culture, as well as a special manufacture in pan-Africa.

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Quotes Phys, Friday (17/9/2021) the discovery of clothes and the development of the tools needed to make them themselves are milestones in human history.

Not only does it show a step in cultural and cognitive evolution, archaeologists also believe that clothing was crucial in enabling early humans to expand their niche from Pleistocene Africa to new environments with new ecological challenges.

Unfortunately the fur and other organic materials used to make clothing are unlikely to be preserved in the archaeological record, the origins of which are still poorly understood.

But when studying the remains of bones from the Contrabandiers Cave deposits dating from 120,000 to 90,000 years ago, from about 12,000 bone fragments, researchers found more than 60 animal bones that had been shaped as tools.

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That is, these bones provide evidence that humans made clothes 120,000 years ago.

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Bridgeman Images/Wood Ronsaville Harlin Illustration of a Neanderthal early man making fire by rubbing stones.

“This was a critical time period and location for the early members of our species,” said Emily Hallett, one of the researchers involved in the study.

He identified a pattern of scars on the bones of the carnivores indicating that, instead of processing them for meat, the Contrabandiers Cave dwellers skinned them for their fur.

The results show that about 120,000 years ago, Homo sapiens began intensively using bones to make tools and using them for specific tasks, including leather and fur work.

“The combination of carnivorous bone and bone tools possibly used for fur processing provides the earliest evidence of clothing making,” Hallet said.

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Researchers have also found tooth tips from whales or dolphins used as exfoliants.

It also reveals the earliest documented use of marine mammal teeth by humans and is the only verified marine mammal remaining from the Pleistocene of North Africa.

Next, the researchers hope to collaborate with other researchers to identify skinning patterns and gain a better understanding of the origin and spread of the behavior.

The study of the findings of bones that are evidence of the discovery of clothes or clothes that were first worn by humans has been published in the journal iScience.

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