Boston’s famous ‘thinnest’ house sold for $ 1.25 million

Nicknamed the “Skinny House”, due to its maximum width of 3 m, this famous Boston property was recently purchased for 1.25 million dollars, or just over one million euros.

Listed in August 2021 by the real estate agency CL Properties, this house in the capital of Massachusetts received several offers to buy in less than a week after it was put on the market. But the sale agreement was only concluded, on September 14, for a sum higher than the asking price.

This atypical property was last sold, in 2017, for $ 900,000.

extremely “narrow”, this house is no less surprisingly spacious

Located at 44 Hull Street in Boston’s highly desirable North End, this four-story house was built in 1862, based on a plaque on the exterior facade. The real estate agency indicates 1890 as the date of construction based on the city archives. The surface area of ​​this unusual property is 108 m2 (1,165 square feet) with a maximum width of 3 m, and a minimum of 2.8 m at the rear of the building.

This property consists of an equipped kitchen, a dining room, two bedrooms, a sitting area, a laundry room and a bathroom. It also has a spacious tree-lined backyard as well as a private roof terrace with views of the harbor and the city of Boston. Note that the house does not have an entrance door on the facade. Its owners must enter through a side door.

Also known as “Spite House” or “Maison du Dépit” in French, this emblematic Boston building is part of the history of this city on the east coast of the United States. Although its origin is quite obscure, there is a local legend that two brothers inherited land. At the time of the Civil War, one of the two would have joined the army while the other would have taken the opportunity to build a large house on most of the land inherited, thinking that the rest would not be enough. not to build another. Returning to Boston at the end of the war, the brother soldier feeling deeply betrayed and despoiled, therefore decided to build his own house on the meager portion of land remaining, making sure to block the view and the passage of light to his dishonest brother.

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