Bowling: Second division TSG Haßloch loses in Ettlingen – Hassloch

In an encounter at eye level, the bowlers of TSG Haßloch lost in the 2nd Bundesliga South in Ettlingen. Even if VK Ettlingen no longer performed as confidently as in previous years and Haßloch was one of the very few teams that could win in Ettlingen in the past: This time the TSG went empty-handed, informs women’s sports warden Karl-Heinz Nied.

The starting pair Sara Steidel (441) and Jutta Uhrich (439) kept the match open with a small deficit of 18 cones. But the gap in the middle pairing became a lot bigger: Anita Reichenbach (452) and Carmen Dunker (390) put another 35 cones on the mortgage for the Haßloch final pair. Even if Saskia Uhrich (476) and Franziska Schlachter (446) were the strongest duo in the encounter, only a small correction of the result was possible against the confidently acting hosts. Haßloch lost with 2644: 2676.

Sports manager Karl-Heinz Nied was nevertheless satisfied: “That was a unified team performance, which is a great sign of life due to the current circumstances. With a bit of luck I could have won a point. ”Now it’s time for the winter break. The first game date in 2022 is the derby against PSV Ludwigshafen at home on January 23, “provided the pandemic does not have such extreme effects on the sport again,” said Nied.

In the mixed 100 league, TSG Haßloch II lost at KV Grünstadt III with 1743: 1760 cones. It was Haßloch’s first defeat of the current season. TSG Haßloch: Frank Löwer (419), Ralf Litzel (440), Marcel Scheurer (454) and Renate Armbrust (430).

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