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Report by Tribun Jabar Reporter, Nazmi Abdurahman

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Dozens of members lottery club and online investment, reported a woman with the initials AR to West Java Regional Police, Friday January 14, 2022.

AR allegedly committed fraud with the mode lottery club and stupid investment.

In total there were 33 victims who reported to West Java Regional Police with a loss value of around Rp. 4.1 billion.

“There were around 700 victims from various regions, only 33 victims reported to the police West Java Regional Police. Of these 33 people the value of the loss is IDR 4.1 billion, meaning that there are around 600 more people who haven’t reported it,” he said Banggua Togu Tambunan from the Law Office Banggua Togu Tambunan and Partners, when contacted by Tribune Saturday (15/1/2022).

Initially, said Banggua, his client named Anisa, followed the investment in mid-2021, after seeing testimonials on social media.

“Yesterday, the first investment came in at Rp. 150 million, the profit was Rp. 35 million. Because it felt profitable, it was immediately sent another Rp. 500-600 million, from there it suddenly stalled in the second month, immediately collapsed,” he said.

Since the Kolpas, he said, the victims had difficulty communicating with the alleged perpetrators.

“The traffic jam has been going on since the beginning of November 2021. There are many tricks by the alleged perpetrators to calm the victim, so reporting is done so that there are not many more victims,” ​​he said.

“AR we reported with suspicion lottery club and stupid investment, so what we are reporting is the ITE Law and electronic transactions with fraud (articles) 372, 378, “he added.

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