Bremen – HSV: Werder’s big trouble with Tim Wiese – “No celebrity bonus”

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“Not accepting behavior” – Werder’s big anger with Tim Wiese

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Tim Wiese causes a stir in the game against HSV. According to Werder Bremen, he disregarded the instructions of the security staff. There is no celebrity bonus. The ex-goalkeeper left the stadium and verbally shot back.

Tim Wiese played in Bremen for seven seasons. The goalkeeper had his most famous scene in the Werder jersey when he struck down HSV striker Ivica Olic with a kung-fu kick. In a heated northern derby in 2008, the goalkeeper jumped from the edge of the penalty area and landed his studded shoe on the Croatian’s shoulder. “That was almost an attempted murder,” said Franz Beckenbauer at the time.

Despite such actions, Wiese in Bremen was a crowd favorite for a long time. He played 266 competitive games for the club from 2005 to 2012. But the relationship between the 39-year-old and the second division club has been permanently disrupted since the game against HSV last Saturday.

Ivica Olic (r.) Goes to the ground after Wieses hit

Source: dpa / Marcus Brandt

Wiese watched the 0: 2 of his ex-club in the stands. After the final whistle, according to information from “Bild”, he went from his actual seat to another area of ​​the stadium to visit a friend’s box in the north stand. According to Werder, he was not allowed to stay there due to the currently valid hygiene concept. In addition, he should not have had a VIP wristband.

“I felt like a leper”

Bremen’s managing director Hubertus Hess-Grunewald said that Wiese had shown himself unapologetic and disregarded the instructions of the security staff. “His behavior towards our employee was unacceptable. When he was to be escorted back to his seat, he preferred to leave the stadium, ”said Hess-Grunewald. “With these rules, which we have to adhere to meticulously, there is no celebrity bonus.”

Before Wiese left the stadium, there should have been a verbal exchange of blows and a tussle between Wiese and the security service. “That was completely overdone. The action fits the game and the club. Just laughable. I felt like a leper, “Wiese told” Bild “.

Benefit game

Tim Wiese has caused trouble again

Source: pa / Peter Steffen

The former national goalkeeper said he wanted to say goodbye to a few friends. “It wasn’t about more,” the portal quoted “”. He felt that he was “attacked hard” by the security staff and left the stadium. “It was just like:” Out, out, out immediately, “said Wiese, calling this completely exaggerated. He “does not want to leave this criticism of the club”, said Hess-Grunewald.


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