Burn more calories with the challenge of 1,000 squats (extra)

Whether you train daily or if you don’t do it on time or if you don’t exercise, this new challenge interests you. This is a new motivation proposed by our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellez_coach), which seeks to help us spend a few extra calories on a daily basis. The challenge is to perform 1,000 squats in a month. It is much easier than you think because the complexity is not in the number of squats that must be done per day (33) but in what You have to be constant and do them every day to be able to meet the challenge.

In the video, our coach offers different levels for people who are not used to training, for those with a certain level and for the highest level of all.

The first of them consists of the squat that we all know with our own body weight. The objective (at all levels) is not to stop until you have done all 33, but if necessary you can stop to rest and take a breath.

The second level is the same as the normal squat but with the addition of a jump. and the third and last level is doing normal squats but with weight (dumbbell or water bottle), although for the strongest you can also add a jump.

It is not a training in itself, but an extra stimulus that will help us burn more calories and add this caloric expenditure to the usual to improve our physical condition.

If you missed any challenge, advice, training or exercise, you can access this link. And if you have doubts, you can contact Téllez through his social networks.

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