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Rien Leeijen assumes that his mega warehouse in the Maastricht district of Limmel will not be built.

He says so in an interview with L1.

Leeijen does not often talk to the press. He says he is very shocked by the criticism and protest from the residents of Limmel against his plan to build a 200-meter mega-shed in the neighbourhood. “I did not expect that there would be so much criticism. I did not see that commotion.” The entrepreneur says that with his current knowledge he would never have bought the plot of land. “I’m not waiting for this.”

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The municipality initially had plans to build 814 homes on the derelict factory site, but Leeijen bought the plot of land this spring. He then filed for construction permits for a 47,000-square-foot distribution center. That was a complete surprise to the city council and the neighborhood.

A protest march took place in Limmel. And two weeks ago the city council of Maastricht opposed the construction of the mega warehouse. In order to prevent construction, the council took a preparatory decision, with which the zoning plan can be adjusted. As a result, in the long term at least some housing would be possible on the site.

What does Leeijen think of the decision of the city council? “That’s certainly not nice. We’ll see how the ship runs aground.”

How further?
The question now is whether Leeijen agrees to housing on the site. “If it works out financially, then I have nothing against it,” says the entrepreneur. But in order to make housing at that location profitable, it may be necessary to build at a height, which in turn is not allowed in accordance with the zoning plan. Leeijen hopes that a compromise will be found. “High-rise buildings alone are of course never possible, but it might be a mix,” says Leeijen.

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Conversation with neighborhood
Leeijen has an appointment next week with a delegation of local residents and the municipality to discuss alternative plans for housing. “But again: it must be financially feasible,” says Leeijen. If it is not possible to get out, the entrepreneur says that he is considering selling the site. “That’s definitely an option.”

In any case, Leeijen is no longer optimistic about his mega warehouse. “I don’t think that shed will come. That will be very difficult.”

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