Cancer, the discovery that can change your life: if you eat these foods, the risk is significantly reduced

There are some foods that can help us against cancer. Let’s see together which are the recommended ones

With the right prevention it’s possible limit the risk of cancer. Adopting the right lifestyle and taking foods through which you make one healthy and balanced dietyou can reduce the risk up to 40%. On this particular reduction, the experts are somewhat unsure of how to take care of your body.

Several studies have been conducted over the years, in particular, analyzing certain foods. And it was concluded that there are specific elements that help halve the cancer risk. The experts of the Italian Society of Andrologyalso known as IShave drawn up a list with the shield foods that would help most in the prevention of cancer.

According to experts you should take antioxidants in your own daily diet. The statistics speak very clearly, in Italy there are many people who annually deal with the cancer. There are 377,000 new cancer diagnoses every year, about 195,000 among men and 182,000 among women. Numbers that certainly cannot be ignored.

Cancer and numbers in Italy, consuming these foods makes the difference

Cancer the discovery that can change your life

The most frequent tumors are those of breast (14.6%) and del colon rectum (11.6%), followed by that of lung (10.9%) and from that of prostate (9.6%). Obviously, the latter concerns only the male category. As reported by the site the newspaperconsidering the data LILTin the daily diet they should be included 5 foods in particular.

This is the green teail pomodoroil pomegranatel’uva e le peanuts. Furthermore, another food considered a great ally for the prevention and fight against cancer is thegarlic. Il cancer it tends to develop even in tens of years. Consequently, it is essential to intervene already when the first symptoms occur. But not only that, it is even more important prevention.

Cancer can be prevented by starting with the little everyday things. How, in this case, starting with the table. Our advice is to correct the bad habits and finally start leading one healthy lifestyle. In order to benefit your health, the foods we have seen today are essential for having a correct and healthy diet.

Cancer the discovery that can change your life

In conclusion, for to prevent effectively the tumor, it must also be introduced in the daily shopping antioxidant foods. Such as vegetables and fruits, vegetable proteins, herbs, spices, seaweed, good fats and whole grains.

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