Case, in Verona sales even higher than in 2019. With the Superbonus 110% goes up …

A real estate sale sign

A real estate sale sign

A real estate sale sign

From the lockdown onwards, the Veronese have not stopped buying and exchanging apartments and houses. Also in the second quarter of the year, sales in the city and province are up compared to the same period last year and two years ago. The data is provided by the Revenue Agency. To rework them, the Tecnocasa Group Studies Office, which in the Verona area has about eighty affiliated agencies.

From April to the end of June the deeds carried out in the city for the purchase of residential properties were 969 (there were 661 in 2020 and 877 in 2019); in the province they reached a high altitude 2.616 (against 1,670 in 2020 and 2,139 in 2019). However, the percentage growth of sales in the capital over the same period last year is of +46,6%, far below the national increase, at + 73.4% (+ 26.1% on 2019). This is because in Verona, as in Milan and Bologna, the residential real estate market never stopped noticeably even during the months of confinement, from March to May last year.

In the city, according to the Tecnocasa Research Department, the share of buyers who buy themain house: it goes from 62.5% in the second quarter of 2019, to 65.7% in the same period of 2020, up to 77,3% of this year. Instead, the number of deeds that have the investment as their objective is decreasing.

By comparing the characteristics most sought after by customers, preferences go to four-room apartments (30.2% compared to 28.1% two years ago) and independent and semi-independent solutions, often equipped with a garden or verandas, which rise to 13.2% of approval, compared to 10% two years ago .

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“Since the beginning of the pandemic we have continued to sell – he confirms Leonardo Meoni, provincial president of Fiaip, the Italian Federation of professional real estate agents -. Customers felt the need to settle in more suitable home spaces. During the confinement we examined remote purchase proposals and prepared preliminaries ». Since then the deeds have been sustained. “August was also a month of intense negotiations and a lot of business was done,” he says. “The customer’s approach to our offices has also changed: those interested in completing a purchase call us, part of the information is provided by telephone and the plans sent by email,” he explains.

“The Superbonus 110% he also helped to propose villas and apartments that have been standing still for some time because they are dated. With the concessions it is easier and more convenient to restructure, so even the used stock that was hard to offer has been taken into consideration by buyers and partly seen “, he reflects Francesco Gentili, president of Fimaa Confcommercio. “Overall, the sales remain sustained both by those who buy to improve their housing situation or stop paying the rent, and by those who want to make an investment,” he adds. “THE prices remain stable and therefore buying remains very convenient in the city and province », he continues.

A separate discussion concerns the Garda, with record sales. “There are numerous searches on the lake market by foreigners who have liquidity available and want to invest in a holiday home, which is easy to reach by car”, he concludes.

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