Cases of Dengue Fever Stand Out, Krejengan District Gets Attention

Officers do fogging in Gading District.[wiwit agus pribadi/bhirawa]

Probolinggo District, Bhirawa

Entering the rainy season, residents must be more aware of attacks by dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). Moreover, the Probolingo District Health Office (Dinkes) noted that in the last two months the number of patients with this disease had increased, with 14 cases being found.

Head of Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases at the Probolinggo District Health Office, dr. Dewi Vironica, Thursday (25/11) said that dengue fever is often found during the rainy season. The number will continue to increase simultaneously until the peak of the rainy season.

“Indeed, dengue fever is often found during the rainy season. It will also increase with the intensity of the rain and the length of the rainy season,” he said

According to him, over the past two months, dengue patients have increased. In August found 2 patients and September rose to 12 patients. Therefore, it needs to be treated immediately so that the disease does not spread and the patient can be cured.

Based on the data, said Dewi, the high incidence of dengue fever occurred in January-March. Or, at the peak of the rainy season. In January, there were 6 patients, in February 19 patients, and in March there were 53 patients.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts to educate residents to eradicate mosquito nests by applying 3M plus, continue to be carried out. Such as draining water reservoirs, closing water reservoirs, and burying or recycling used goods that have the potential to collect rainwater.

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In addition, preventive measures can be taken from the smallest environment. Namely, the home environment by paying attention to places that have the potential to be a place for mosquito larvae to develop.

“You have to stay alert so you don’t catch dengue fever,” he said.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) in Probolinggo Regency continues to threaten. In fact, now there is one sub-district that is getting serious attention. Krejengan District. Because, in this month four cases have been found, he said.

Furthermore, Dewi Vironica admitted that she is now wary of a routine disease, DHF. Therefore, periodically monitoring in every area where there are dengue fever findings. “The rainy season for dengue fever often occurs. We need to be vigilant so we can minimize it and not spread it,” he said.

So far, the Health Office has also continued to collect data on the findings of dengue cases in each sub-district. In the period January-October, 130 cases have been found. of the hundreds of patients, one of them died. From these findings, the Health Office is wary of transmission.

“One patient died with a diagnosis of heart failure and dengue fever,” he said.

Regarding the areas to be wary of, Dewi said that her party was wary of dengue cases in Krejengan District. Because, from the beginning to the third week of this month, 4 cases have been found. This finding may increase with the arrival of the rainy season. “Krejengan District, the most prominent. We are careful not to increase it,” he said.

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He admitted that he also continues to educate the public to anticipate dengue. One of them is by eradicating mosquito nests. In addition, preventive measures also need to be taken. One of them pays attention to places that have the potential to be a place for mosquito larvae to develop.

“The most effective prevention of DHF is with PSN (mosquito nest eradication). Also, increasing community participation regularly moves through PSN activities. Adequate rest and balanced nutrition also need to be considered,” he added.(Wap)


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