Catalonia recognizes that it has batches of the vaccine against Covid-19 about to expire

Catalonia have whole batches of covid vaccines about to expire in their refrigerators on the one hand due to decrease in the rate of immunization of the coronavirus at the end of summer and on the other hand to a miscalculation.

Apparently the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia trusted that the first week of September the number of people who came to receive the COVID-19 vaccine was older and thawed more covid vaccine sera than the account which could now be spoiled since antidotes once thawed have a shelf life of 31 days.

Salud has admitted this fact but They have not specified the number of COVD-19 vaccines that could be wasted and also indicate that some may have already expired.

Catalonia has around 1.1 million doses of the covid vaccine waiting in the fridge and now has not received new coronavirus vaccines this week, because he has not requested them from the Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, this community has been the first to begin administering third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to people in residences.

The rate of immunization “is not very high” in universities, where vaccination points have been installed this week without prior appointment in which few students have been seen, mainly because “in the university environment an important part is already vaccinated”, before the start of the course, Cabezas explained.

However, in the group of young people between 20 and 29 years old, still a third (35.4%) have not started the coronavirus vaccination.

Explanation of the Department

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The Catalan Health Department has explained that “both the models and the technicians’ interpretations anticipated for the first week of September, coinciding with the resumption of work and the end of the holiday period, a rebound in the demand for doses by of the unvaccinated population, but as is known the rate of people who have decided to be vaccinated has been lower than expected “, and that, they say has caused” a mismatch in the flow forecasting models, surely linked to the high percentages of population immunization achieved in Catalonia “.

He ends his statement saying that “the approval, by the Public Health Commission of the Ministry of Health, by expanding the group of people to whom administering an additional dose of the vaccine will contribute positively to the balance of the supply flow, distribution and administration of vaccines. “

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