Enriching the way creators express themselves, Adobe Fresco introduces new functions of liquefaction and magic wand | TechNews Technology News

Adobe announced that its drawing app Adobe Fresco has introduced new features such as Liquify, Magic Wand, and more, allowing drawing creators to use these tools to enrich the way they express themselves. In the Fresco 3.6 version in May, Adobe also added two new functions, “Magic Wand” and “Liquify Tool”, to help users experience … Read more

The electric Bentley is said to be able to handle a hundred in 1.5 seconds, the head of the brand suggested

The acceleration of the Bentley electric is supposed to be so brutal that it prefers to offer the driver two intensities. Adrian Hallmark, CEO of Bentley, told Automotive News Europe that the brand’s first purely electric model (expected to arrive in 2025) could have a combined output of up to 1,400 horsepower. Its acceleration should … Read more

The story of Volkswagen’s Karmann Ghia.

In March 1953, the first prototype was built at the Carozzeria Ghia in Turin. Two years later, the Karmann Ghia was launched and displayed at the Paris Motor Show. Despite the sporty appearance with soft and aerodynamic lines, this car is more of a slider than a speed monster. The Karmann body factory in northwestern … Read more

Not yet planned to be produced, consumers dare to pay this much for the Honda SUV RS Concept

Otomotivnet.com – Until now, the Honda SUV RS Concept has no plans for mass production. Its status is still limited to being exhibited and road shows in several cities in Indonesia. This was stated by Yusak Billy, Business and Sales Innovation and Director of Marketing at PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM). “We still need entrees,” … Read more

Supermarkets and drugstores argue over pill sales | NOW

The supermarkets are diametrically opposed to pharmacies and drugstores about an amendment to the Medicines Act. This change would allow heavier over-the-counter medicines to be sold without the physical supervision of a drug store or assistant drug store. Customers can then request advice via a tablet. The supermarkets want that, the drugstores are completely against … Read more

Luna and Terra investors sue Kwon Do-hyung… It seems to be the first case of the Hap Sudan

5 people, 1.4 billion won… Prospects of additional domestic and international lawsuits Proof of fraudulent intent and application of similar reception law Lawyers of LKB (LKB) & Partners are heading to the prosecutor’s office to file a complaint against Kwon Do-hyung, CEO of Terraform Labs, in front of the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office in … Read more

Pd MEPs against Casapound: “No to the march on May 28 in Rome, enough fascists in Europe”

BRUSSELS. “Enough” with Casapound in Italy, and “enough” with all the fascist movements and organizations in Europe. In the European Parliament, the pot is full for some. The delegation of the Democratic Party intends to put a stop to increasingly problematic realities, and calls for the creation of “a European observatory on far-right phenomena present … Read more