Yasmine Abdelaziz, with the first appearance after recovery: I was dying, and I received the message “The soil is preparing”

The Maakom program page for the media, Mona El-Shazly, published a promo for a new episode of the artist Yasmin Abdel Aziz After her recent health crisis. And Al-Shazly said during the promo: “Yasmine Abdelaziz will talk about a great ordeal, on a long journey of pain and pain between life and death.” And the … Read more

The ‘Episodes of an endless War’ will have an end: Almudena Grandes left it written

Almudena Grandes he had practically finished a novel, which he considered the seventh volume of the ‘Episodes of an Endless War’, located in the immediate future and who had the will to publish, has explained to Efe Juan Cerezo, editor of the writer who died this Saturday in Madrid. “Almudena Grandes was an extraordinary woman … Read more

Types of Susuk of Dangdut Singers, Drinked until Installed in Intimate Organs

Jakarta, Insertlive – The dangdut singer, Cita Citata, uncovers the facts behind the careers of dangdut singers in the Indonesian entertainment industry. In the story, Cita Citata admits that she often gets popular offers instantly, which she thinks is beyond reason. “In the world of rap, they can be sarcastic with lyrics, but in dangdut … Read more

Hello 31- Meera Nandhan celebrates her 31st birthday in Dubai | Meera Nandan’s 31st Birthday Celebration Photos Trending On Social Media

Meera Nandan is a well known actress in Kerala. Pictures of Meera’s recent glamorous photoshoots in Dubai went viral on social media. The actress has now shared pictures of her 31st birthday celebrations on social media. Meera Nandhan (Image Source: Instagram) Meera Nandan made her acting debut in Mohanlal’s Taste Buds commercial. Later, the audience … Read more

Sorry to all the kids I’ve lied to – VG

Four masked celebrities are left on stage when Santa is out of the competition. VG reviewed Saturday’s “Maskorama” song by song. Published: Updated less than 2 hours ago It was the character “Nissen” who had to leave the NRK program “Maskorama” on Saturday. Behind the mask was former Minister of Culture Abid Raja (V). – … Read more

Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone

Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of your comfort zone 2021-11-27 12:56:22Source: Beijing Youth Daily “Female Psychologist” no longer be the “sister next door” Yang Zi: Slowly jump out of my comfort zone Through Qiu Yingying of “Ode to Joy”, Tong Nian of “Dear, Loved” and the upcoming drama “Please advise for the rest of my … Read more