Additional weapons will be added to Halo Infinite ‘s arsenal in the future Newsblock

343 Industries has long been voicing its support for Halo Infinite, so it’s no surprise that 343 Industries is planning additional weapons for the game – what those weapons are hasn’t been revealed, but there sure will be more. The confirmation comes from Joseph Staten, head of creative at 343 Industries, who revealed the information … Read more

GTA 5 role-playing players can now get vaccinated

Corona doesn’t just rule the real world, they now seem to infect our beloved gaming world as well. While that was precisely our escape from reality. So no longer. There is in fact something going on with GTA 5. There are often enough videos on the internet of certain Role-Play elements in the online version … Read more

The Messy Nostalgic Definitive Edition Trilogy – Action game from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto (GTA), has been attached, especially for internet cafe or PlayStation rental children, in early 2000. In fact, the trilogy from Grand Theft Auto, namely Grand Theft Auto III (2000), Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002), and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), are recognized as … Read more

Rare Einstein manuscript set to fetch millions

A wall showing graffiti by Albert Einstein. A rare manuscript by theoretical physicist Albert Einstein went under hammer in Paris on Tuesday, with auctioneers aiming for a stratospheric price. The manuscript, containing preparatory work for Einstein’s key achievement, The Theory of Relativity, is estimated to be between $ 2.3 million and $ 3.4 million, according … Read more