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Coronavirus: deaths in retirement homes in Madrid could be five times more

Without testing, the numbers would be understated. The number of deaths due to the new coronavirus identified in retirement homes in Madrid could be...

How the corona quarantine affects the psyche

The current situation can not only cause loneliness, but can also increase depression. Picture: Picture Alliance The officially ordered insulation protects many people from fatal...

Coronavirus: Boris Johnson’s health “improves”, says British government

His hospitalization last Sunday, nine days after the announcement of his contamination with Covid-19, but even more his admission to the intensive care service...

How Germany is governed digitally

Govern digitally: After all, Angela Merkel made it into the video chat of the heads of the EU countries in March. Picture: AFP The...

Coronavirus: brake on the economy in Ile-de-France

They tried to hunker down by crossing their fingers, but it was not enough. As France attacks the fourth week of confinement to stem...

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Rhodium, the metal that has become seven times more expensive than gold

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United States: Eminem attacks Donald Trump and calls him “suicide bomber”

As the rumors panic about the release of an upcoming album, the famous rapper Eminem has decided to break the silence to attack Donald...

RTT less to finance health and agriculture, advocates Guillaume Peltier

"We must support France at work" and "economic patriotism is the key to reconstruction", says Guillaume Peltier, the deputy (LR) for Loir-et-Cher in the...