Pakistani billionaire launches 2 warplanes against Russia; Disclosure | Ukraine | Russia

Pakistani billionaire Mohammad Zahoor has been in the news for providing free warplanes to the Ukrainian military in the war with Russia. He reportedly provided two warplanes for the Ukrainian army. He is also the former owner of the Ukrainian newspaper Kyiv Post. Zahor’s wife and Ukrainian singer Kamalia Zahor revealed this to the media. … Read more

Own 12 rooms! “Handsome old man” Zhou Wenwei was nearly beaten to death by a tenant and his temper changed into murder | International | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reported by the International Center / Lin Weifan ▲ Zhou Wenwei, an American real estate tenant, was beaten to death by a tenant in 2012, causing a major change in his temperament. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo, Twitter) A shooting at the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Orange County, California, on the 15th resulted in 1 … Read more

Auburn, NY Wegmans Pharmacy ubicaciones

*Average savings based on usage and Inside Rx data compared to cash prices; the average savings for all generics is 78%; 37% for select brand name drugs; Restrictions apply. THE INSIDE RX CARD IS NOT INSURANCE. It cannot be used by persons covered by state or federally funded programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare … Read more

Ukraine war: UN warns of possible global food crisis in coming months – BBC News

4 hours ago image source,EPA image caption, Guterres said the conflict would jeopardize the food security of tens of millions of people around the world, leading them to “fall into malnutrition, food shortages and famine”. The United Nations has warned that some countries may experience food shortages in the coming months following Russia’s invasion of … Read more

Hezbollah loses majority, newcomer to Lebanese parliament

Correspondent Daisy Mohr: “The election went well for the opposition and the independent candidates. After the big protests that started in 2019 and did not yield many results, many people went home or abroad hopelessly and completely disillusioned. These new ones don’t and that’s impressive. They are real go-getters. They turned their minds to a … Read more