The K-19 broke the worst record in Britain

The United Kingdom today reported 367 new deaths from Kovid-19 patients. This is the highest number of casualties in a single day since May 27, government data quoted by Reuters. Data for today show that the number of registered new cases of Kovid-19 has increased by 22,885 compared to 20,890 the previous day. Mortality in […]

Belarus has been shaken by protests for three months now. Lukashenko talks about radicalization and terrorism – Czech Television

Despite the often brutal police crackdown, opposition supporters have been protesting for 80 days against rigging the August presidential election, demanding Lukashenko’s resignation, the release of political prisoners and the holding of new elections. Lukashenko himself accused the protest movement of “radicalization” and “terrorism” on Tuesday. “The next stage is radicalization. It’s already happening. They […]

Pope Francis’ reluctance to wear a mask raises concerns

Pope Francis wears a mask at an event in Rome on Tuesday (20/10/2020). Whales are often seen without masks and this is cause for concern. (Source: Associated Press) ROMA, KOMPAS.TV – Pope Francis often appears in public without wearing a mask. This is a concern of health experts. Now the Vatican Commission of Experts is […]

Macron’s Attitude to Cartoons Inspire …

loading… MOSCOW – Leader Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov considers the President French Emmanuel Macron inspired terrorists by justifying the publication of cartoons insulting the Prophet Muhammad. Macron views the cartoon’s publication as proof of the right to free speech being protected in France. Kadyrov is a close alliance of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kadyrov argued after […]

Charlie Hebdo publishes a cartoon of Erdogan / GORDON

Amid the conflict that erupted after the assassination of a French history teacher by a radical Islamist Chechen, the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo published a cartoon of Turkish President Recep Erdogan on the cover of its issue. The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has published on the cover of its issue, which will be […]

Maria Bakalova surpassed Leonardo DiCaprio and Bruce Willis in popularity

The Bulgarian actress plays Tutar, Borat’s daughter. PHOTO: OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PROFILE OF MARIA BAKALOVA For the first time a Bulgarian actress is №1 in the star rating of the IMDb platform Bulgarian Maria Bakalova became the most popular actress in the ranking of the authoritative film platform IMDb, leaving behind celebrities such as Adam Sandler, […]

Prince Abdul Mateen Reveals the Disease That Taken His Brother’s Life

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Prince Abdul Mateen mourns the death of his brother, Prince Azim. The two nephews of the Sultan of Brunei are very close. He also admitted that he lost his brother, a mother, who died on Saturday morning, 24 October 2020 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. According to Mateen, his brother died […]