Catharina Hospital can better treat heart rhythm disorders

Thanks to a new technique, the Catharina Hospital can better treat heart rhythm disorders.

With a new technique, called electropolations, an electric field is created that creates small scars at the spot in the heart tissue where the heart rhythm disorder originates. In this way, the stimuli that cause the disorder are blocked.

The hospital had previously used a similar treatment method, but it involved more risk. “The disadvantage of this technique was that it could also damage surrounding tissue”, says cardiologist Pepijn van der Voort, “for example to the nerves, blood vessels and the esophagus. That doesn’t happen often, but if we can reduce these kinds of complications even further by using this new technique, then we will.”

So how does this new technology work? Van der Voort explains. “During the treatment, a catheter is inserted near the heart that locally delivers short but strong electrical shocks. These shocks mean that only heart muscle cells around the catheter die. As a result, the other cells and tissues are spared, so that we can almost rule out complications.”

The Catharina Hospital is the second hospital in the Netherlands to use the technology.

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