Causes and Solutions for Fast HP Battery Drops

SERIKATNEWS.COMSmartphone become one of the needs of modern humans. If one time you leave your cellphone in your pocket while traveling, it feels like something is missing.

So, everywhere you have to carry a cellphone. However, sometimes there are problems that come. Suddenly your phone in the middle of the road the battery quickly ‘drops’. So, what actually makes the cellphone battery run out quickly?

The problem with the battery drain is actually a variety of causes. Starting from the large screen, the application used to the age of the phone.

Reported from CNBC, Saturday 18 September 2021, here are the causes of the battery smartphone run out quickly and how to fix it:


Large screen phone turns out to consume a lot of power. To check the battery usage can be done by going to the phone settings. Select the battery and click Battery Usage. Then select Show full device usage.

Here’s how to reduce battery usage on your phone’s screen:

  1. Reduce screen brightness (brightness): a dim screen will help save battery power.
  2. Use adaptive brightness (adjust brightness): the user will get the screen brightness as needed. At the same time it can also save battery when brightness is not needed.
  3. Reduce screen refresh rate: some devices support high refresh rate screens and sometimes this can be adjusted in settings.
  4. Reduce auto-lock time: by reducing the time, the screen is not in a state of waiting to be used.
  5. Don’t use animated wallpapers: this may look good, but it means that your phone plays videos all the time and that drains the battery.
  6. Use a black wallpaper: if your phone’s screen is AMOLED, a black wallpaper is the most energy efficient. This is because it doesn’t have to enable pixels.
  7. Go for a smaller screen: some phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Motorola Razr 5G have smaller external screens. Use those screens more often than large ones when you don’t need to use them for a wide display.

Mobile Service

Areas with poor cellular service drain battery power. The phone will continuously communicate with the nearest tower to stay connected at all times.

  1. To save battery on mobile screens, here’s how:
  2. Change carrier: Choose a mobile operator with wide coverage and a good network.
  3. Airplane mode: this feature can force the phone to stop searching for networks. You can do this when you are in an area with poor service.
  4. Signal booster (signal booster): this booster is expensive but may be a solution. The product has an external antenna for receiving service and the signal is shared in the housing with the internal antenna.


Some apps drain phone battery fast. For example Youtube, Netflix and a number of other streaming services. There are also apps that drain battery without active use including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

To work around this, here’s how:

  1. Remove unnecessary apps: sometimes we only use very few apps on our phone. While the application is always active in the background (background) and drains the battery.
  2. Stop applications that work in the background (background): how to open settings then apps & notifications. Select Select the app go to Advanced, continue to Battery. Finally, go to Background restriction and go to Restrict.
  3. Close the application: We recommend closing or turning off the application when not in use, by opening Settings and then going to Apps & notifications. Finally select Select the app and press Force stop.
  4. Use your phone wisely: sometimes we say we want longer battery life. But on the other hand still use it to play games, watch movies, and even spend hours on social networks.

Phone age

Smartphone batteries start to lose their performance over time. Age is the main reason battery life is getting shorter.

The way to fix it is:

  1. Buy a new phone: there’s nothing left to do except buy a new device.
  2. Replacing the battery: if using a removable battery, you can replace it with a new one. If the cell phone battery is a non-removable type, you can replace it by opening the phone but it requires some technical knowledge and there are risks behind it all.

Other issues:

  • GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth: Turn off these services when not needed and this can help with battery life.
  • Camera: taking photos and videos can take a lot of energy. Avoid using it more often.
  • Cold temperatures: cold temperatures can have an impact on battery power. Roger Gurney, owner of Arctic Tech Solution, said lithium-ion batteries stop producing electricity when the weather is very cold. The best solution is to keep your phone close to you so that your body temperature keeps it warm.
  • Software updates: software updates will usually include an increase in battery life. We recommend that you update your phone to the latest software immediately.
  • Portable chargers: Avoiding the use of portable chargers can make the battery last longer without having to charge it frequently. is a critical media for the nation’s children. Presenting information accurately. As well as being loyal to being a platform for exchanging factual ideas.

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