Change is coming! 5 days to take care of a child, not just for parents – o2

Poland has given time until the beginning of August 2022 to adapt its internal regulations to EU regulations. The aim is to support the principle of “work-life balance”. Its purpose is to help parents reconcile their professional duties and raise their children.

Due to amendments to the Labor Code, leave for the daycare will be extended – from two to five days. This is undoubtedly good news for toddler parents. It seems, however, that not only parents can enjoy the holidays.

5 days childcare. Time for changes to the Labor Code

5 day childcare will be available not only to the parent or guardian. They can also be received by someone who provides care or support to a family member, or even to a tenant in the same household.

In this case, we are talking about people who need personal care or considerable support for serious medical reasons such as illness, injury or emergency. You can get care if your son or daughter, mother or father, spouse or spouse needs support. However, it is supposed to be a form of unpaid leave.

The August amendment to the Labor Code introduced yet another important change. I am talking about provisions concerning so-called force majeure, that is, free to work in a sudden and unforeseen situation. During the year, the employee will be entitled to 2 days or 16 hours of work. It will hold the right to 50 percent. salary, which will be calculated during the holiday leave.

Łukasz Kuczera, journalist Wirtualna Polska

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