Chapter 10 of Until Money Do Us Part on May 23

Raphael Mendez (Sebastian Martinez) receives the position as a salesman in Ramenautos and Isabella (Michelle Rouillard) gives him an induction so that he can start his work as soon as possible.

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Luciano Valenzuela (Gregorio Pernia) is unfaithful to his fiancée, Dr. Maldonado (carmen villalobos), with Ximena. Meanwhile, Isabella insists to her cousin that Luciano is not the right man for her and Alejandra decides not to play along, because Isabella has never agreed with her relationship.

Clemency (Laura Flowers) and Don Benjamin Maldonado (Alejandro Tommasi) realize that the house is mortgaged so they will not be able to sell it, as Alejandra’s father has thought.

The commercial manager of Ramenautos is really determined to make Rafael’s life impossible, so she gives him the blacklist of buyers so that he doesn’t make any sales.

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At the moment when Alejandra is calling Rafael’s attention, he precisely receives a call from his girlfriend ‘La Pajarita’ (Juliette Pardeau), who asks him to sing to him, however, he chooses to hang up on him.

Vicky, after the call, goes to her mother-in-law’s house to find out what is happening with Rafael because, according to her, she is losing him. Mrs Eleanor (Alina Lozano) tells him that he must be patient because Rafael is starting a new job.

Rafael decides to have lunch with the sales team, who make it clear to him that he cannot mess with any of his clients and clarify some of the rules of the commercial area. Marino declares “war” on him.

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Jaime (José Daniel Cristancho) confesses to his father and tells him that he has thoughts about Milena (Stephanie Duque) and that he kissed Vicky.

The bow tie decides to call her boyfriend again and complains about hanging up the call, making a scene of jealousy. Later, Rafael comes home and confesses to his mother that he had a very difficult day.

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