check the updated electoral roll

Ballot box for voting.  (Ramiro Pereyra)

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Ballot box for voting. (Ramiro Pereyra)

Where do I vote in the 2021 Elections?, is one of the questions that Argentine citizens have in the face of the general elections that will take place next November 14th.

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The 2021 Elections are approaching. (José Gabriel Hernández)

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The 2021 Elections are approaching. (José Gabriel Hernández)

To find out where to vote in the Elections 2021 You must consult the definitive registry of the National Electoral Chamber. You have to follow these simple steps:

  • First you have to enter the DNI number.
  • Then indicate the gender.
  • Third, the district.
  • And finally, the code offered by the page.

Following these steps, the system returns the establishment, the address and the detail of the table number and order where to vote in the Elections 2021.

Where to vote: check the electoral roll for the 2021 Elections

Where do I vote, province by province

Elections 2021: with which document can I vote

The valid documents to vote in the 2021 Elections are:

  • Civic Notebook,
  • Book enlistment,
  • DNI green,
  • DNI celeste,
  • ID card.

What happens if I don’t vote in the 2021 Elections

Al not being able to attend primary elections, the citizens They can justify the absence through the specific section what offers the site of the National Electoral Chamber (CNE). In that place they can attach the document confirming the absence in the elections, together with the personal data of the person.

Being a pandemic context The absences due to coronavirus or because it is a suspicious case are added. The justifications for not casting a vote are contained in article 12 of the National Electoral Code.

How to pay the fine for not voting

If a citizen does not cast the vote, he must pay, as indicated in article 37 of the National Constitution: “Suffrage is universal, equal, secret and compulsory”.

The fine for those who were absent from the STEP is 50 pesos and those who return to be absent without valid reasons in this general election will have to pay 100 pesos. If the offender reached the second and third time without voting, he must pay 200 and 400 weights respectively. If you incurred the violation for the fourth time, the amount will be 500 pesos.

Table for calculating the fine by electoral body.

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Table for calculating the fine by electoral body.

Debt can be paid in person at any branch of the Bank of the Argentine Nation or with card of credit, wire transfer O virtual wallets. 48 business hours after payment, the information is updated and the offender register is removed.

To do so, you must enter the Offenders Registry. Once there, the offender must enter personal data. Then, you will have to click on the option “Generation of ticket of payment of fine” to be referred to a menu of the different means of payment.

Offender registry website.

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Offender registry website.

  • Payment through Banco Nación

To pay this way, the offender will have to click on the option “National Bank”. Once you press there, a ballot will be generated and once printed you must go to any branch from this bank and pay the corresponding amount by showing up at the window.

Once the payment has been made, no other management should be done since the National Bank will communicate the process to the National Electoral Justice. The action will be reflected in the Offender Registration Consultation System and it may take 48 hours.

  • Pay by other electronic means

In the case of not paying through Banco Nación, you must click on the option “Other means of payment”. As with Banco Nación, the ballot will have to be generated first. Once this step is completed, the personal data must be completed and finally select the corresponding option: debit or credit card; Easy Payment, Rapid Payment or Express Collection.

Electronic payment for not voting

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Electronic payment for not voting

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