Chelsea FC – Juventus FC: statistics, report

Chelsea returned Juventus’s last defeat in style, inflicting a disgraceful debacle on the former Italian hegemon. Chalobah, James, Hudson-Odoi and also Werner gradually made it into the net of the Polish goalkeeper Szczęsny.

Chelsea wanted to repay Juventus for the last match, which she didn’t do well. At home, she wanted to catch up with the narrow defeat of Turin and believed that her current form would help her to do so. Coaching Allegri’s team is usually not just that. But the London giant has made it clear from the first moments of the game that today it intends to grab three points at all costs.

In front of the goal of the Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny, one center after another got in and Juventus began to recognize what a permanent onslaught was. In the opening minutes, Juventus completely erased the English team and after fifteen minutes he almost took the lead himself. The defender Ben Chilwell sent a beautiful pass in front of the visitors, which Christian Pulisic just didn’t bring to the goal.

It was really tight in front of the Polish goalkeeper around the twenty-fifth minute. Reece James stood up to the standard situation after Juan Cuadrad’s foul on Callum Hudson-Odoie and employed a former Arsenal or AS Roma player. A minute later, however, Szczęsny was not enough. Ziyech’s center from the corner flag bounced off Rüdiger’s figure in the crowd to the free Trevoh Chalobah, who scored the first goal with a cannonball. It will be very emotional for him, because he joined the Champions League for the first time today.

It didn’t have to stay one goal long, because three minutes after the collection, Juventus was able to equalize. Locatelli found Álvaro Morat excellently, who managed to overtake Mendy’s goalkeeper with all his strength. However, veteran Thiago Silva made a spectacular save.

Chelsea had the last word in the first half. At first, Szczęsny’s goalkeeper had to make a very interesting attempt at an angle, which was taken care of by Reece James. Subsequently, the collaboration between Jorgine and Hudson-Odoi worked, who almost fired in front of the goalkeeper, but Leonardo Bonucci jumped under his feet at the last minute!

The Juventus offensive did not seem to exist and with the defense it started to look the same after the change of sides. Juventus certainly won’t give a difference of three minutes around the 54th minute behind the frame. First, lax Bentancur lost the ball in the middle of the court, from where the ball reached the fast-paced Hudson-Odoi. However, the young universal failed to break through the Polish support at the Old Lady’s gate.

But she collected immediately from the next attack. Reece James ran onto the back post, to whom the ball fell so perfectly after winning the header fight that James aimed and lost everything in the way – 2: 0.

After only two minutes, however, he also saw an active Callum Hudson-Odoi. At the beginning of the action, Ziyech handed the ball to Ruben Loftus-Cheek. The young midfielder with the ball at his foot disenchanted the two opponents and pushed the ball into the alley on Hudson-Odoie, who was already facing an easy task.

Basically, at the very end of the match, Juventus managed to get a chance. But then Mendy froze, pulling McKennie’s end over the crossbar. On the other hand, the alternating Werner prepared a chance for the running Ziyech, but he only confirmed his (not only) today’s bad form. But when the boys exchanged roles, it was another hit. After James’ s action, Ziyech got to the ball and his ground center put Timo Werner into the net – 4: 0. Thanks to this, Chelsea replaced Juventus in the first place of the group.

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