Chess icon sues Netflix

Georgian chess icon Nonna Gabrindashvili has filed a defamation suit against US streaming platform Netflix, saying it incorrectly portrayed her in her series The Queen’s Gambit.

The case refers to clips in the last episode of the limited drama that said Gabrindashvili, now 80, had never played chess with men, which contradicts the reality.
The text of the lawsuit indicates that by 1968, which was shown in the last episode, Gabrindashvili had faced at least 59 male players, according to the BBC and the New York Times.
The series is based on a 1983 novel by Walter Teves that centers on an imagined chess player named Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy). The work was shown last year, becoming the “largest limited series ever” in the platform’s history.
In the final episode, one commentator mentioned Gabrindashvili when describing Harmon, saying, “The only thing unusual about her, really, is her gender. Even this is not unique to Russia. There is Nonna Gabrindashvili, but she is the world champion and has never faced men.”
The 25-page lawsuit filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles last Thursday noted that Netflix “deliberately and brazenly lied about Gabrindashvili’s accomplishments for the cheap and cynical purpose of dramatizing drama by showing that its fictional heroine was able to do what no woman has ever done.” others, including Gabrindashvili. “The allegation that Gabrindashvili never confronted the men is clearly false, as well as being grossly sexist and disparaging,” the lawsuit added.
Gabrindashvili was born in 1941 in the Georgian town of Zugdidi, began playing chess at age 13, became the women’s world champion at age 20, and was the first woman to be awarded the title of Grand Master, according to the lawsuit, which also stresses that “by 1968, Gabrindashvili was At least 59 male chess players (28 of them simultaneously competed in one match), including no less than 10 Grand Masters at the time.”
Gabrindashvili, who lives in Tbilisi and still competes in chess tournaments, is seeking $5 million in damages and overturning the statement that she has never played against men from the show. The lawsuit says this paragraph has been changed from the book on which the series is based.
The Queen’s Gambit was seen in more than 62 million homes in the first 28 days after its launch, according to Netflix. He also won two awards at this year’s Golden Globe Awards and was nominated in 18 categories at the After Hours Emmy Awards.

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