Chronology of Indro Warkop Does Not Accept the Appearance of the Warkopi Trio

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Over the past weekend, a trio emerged calling themselves Warkopi and went viral on social media. This trio looks similar to the legendary trio Warkop DKI and made Indro Warkop not accept it.

The Warkopi trio are known to consist of Alfin, Sepriadi, and Alfred. They, at first glance, have a resemblance to Kasino, Dono, and Indro.

The three even have their own show on YouTube and have been invited to a number of television shows. However, Indro Warkop, as the remaining members of Warkop DKI, responded coldly to the virality of these three people.

As reported by InsertLive, through a number of comments on Warkop DKI’s fan account on Instagram, Indro Warkop expressed his disappointment over the appearance of the Warkop trio ‘KW’ who were said to have no permission from him.

“If you are genuine and really fans or fans of Warkop, you should know the MORAL of Warkop DKI,” wrote Indro.

“I should be offended that there are people who without any ethics in a coordinated manner state that they look like Warkop only… without babe to those who have bodies… (who are similar),” said Indro in response to other comments, quoted from InsertLive.

Responding to other comments regarding the sudden appearance of the Warkopi trio, Indro Warkop asserted that the legendary trio owns the copyright held by the successors of each of its members.

“Warkop has IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) which are held by all the children of Dono Kasino Indro. In the arts there are ethics, those you mean are very, very coordinated and managed,” wrote Indro Warkop in the comments column on Instagram.

“So you yourself think where the error is. It’s really a pity they are the object of the “boss” he continued, quoted from secondsHot.

As of Monday (20/9), Indro Warkop has not made an official statement regarding this matter. have contacted Indro Warkop’s representative, but the person concerned said he could not comment.

Meanwhile, the Warkopi trio when interviewed by Indra Radio Tambilahan via Instagram Live, Monday (20/9) morning, admitted that they had communicated with the management of Indro Warkop.

“If we met, we might not have. From the first moment I went viral, my management and Om Indro’s management have actually chatted via Zoom. So other than that I can’t answer, only via Zoom,” said Alfin, who is said to be like Indro Warkop.

“Correspondence via our email from our management and the Warkop institution, yes, via email I chatted, already [berkomunikasi] it’s fine,” he said. has obtained permission from Indra Radio Tambilahan to quote a statement in the broadcast session. Meanwhile, Alfin’s management has not responded to comments from



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