Concert program ‘St. Silanian Prayers’ will be performed

Latvian Radio Choir“chamber orchestra”Sinfonietta Riga“and conductor Sigvards Kļava invites to the concert “Prayers of St. Silan” on November 26 at 7 pm in Riga Dome Cathedral.

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According to Delfi, the concert will feature music by composers Arvo Pert and Erik Esenwald, as well as premieres of works by Georg Pelec and Andrei Selick.

St. Silan, often referred to as the Aton Silon of the Heart, is one of the most outstanding and bright personalities of the last century in the Orthodox Church. The monk’s selfless and devoted life and the intelligent writings he left continue to resonate in the hearts of believers and continue to inspire artists around the world. The concert program “Prayers of St. Silan”, created by the Latvian Radio Choir and its artistic director Sigvardas Kļavas together with the chamber orchestra “Sinfonietta Rīga”, talks about essential and eternal themes for all mankind through the words of the Heart. All the compositions in this program are based on the true prayers of St. Silan, ethereal poetry or long sermons … Erik Eschenwald’s score “I Write”, as well as new works by two brothers of faith, George Pelec and Andrei Selick.

The work “Song of Silan” written for Arvo Pert’s chamber orchestra was written in 1991 and is dedicated to the archimandrite Sofronija, who once st. In the monastery of Panteleimon, he served as an assistant to the wise Silhouette. The opus “Adam’s Lamentations” composed for choir and string instruments, the recording of which with Tena Kaljustis at the conductor’s desk six years ago brought the prestigious “Grammy” prize to the Latvian Radio Choir and “Sinfonietta Riga”, was made in 2009. It is the costume of St. Silan, known as the ascetic and “most authentic monks of the 20th century.” Pert adds, “For myself, Adam is a common term, not only to name all of humanity, but also to denote each individual, regardless of age, social status, or religion. This collective Adam has suffered and lamented this earth for thousands of years. Our “Adam, the forerunner, foresaw the tragedy of mankind and experienced it, feeling guilty and responsible for his fall into sin. He endured the deepest despair and torment of mankind without relief.”

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Ēriks Ešenvalds reveals about last year’s Latvian Radio Choir’s premiere opus “I Write”: “Silan wrote:” My thoughts have survived for years. For my articles, for my mistakes, for all my forgiveness! But when I write a word, I don’t know the next one – who is born in me, I also write. The author adds, “The piece is like a small episode from Silan’s long life. But this episode is repeated almost daily, because he wrote a lot. “The spirit of man is almost instantaneous, but it is all about the earth, for the earth is robbed of time, of paper, and of pencil.

Georg Pelēcis tells of a new work composed for the mixed choir and chamber orchestra, “The Name of St. Athena Silhouette”: “We exist as long as the divine liturgy and the holy people. “I call on the audience not only to get to know some of his thoughts, but also to join them spiritually and emotionally and to experience them in their hearts.” With this work, the composer encourages us to turn from endless daily worries to thinking about God, praying for the knowledge of the Holy Trinity, and loving God.

The Latvian Radio Choir and conductor Sigvards Kļavas are connected with composer Andrejs Selickis for years. Regarding his new work, the Orthodox composer reveals: “Everything he has written – regardless of the content of the records – is either a song of this supreme, most complete Happiness, or a cry, a desperate cry for God, a longing, thirst for the lost Heavenly Homeland, or separation. Overcoming tragedy: I ​​am dear to his ecstasy, longing for the Supreme Perfection, alienation from “this world”, sometimes almost unbearable glow of the heart, how discreetly, personally and precisely he addresses the One who loves so much! … Therefore I will try to overcome your lowliness, unworthiness, and selfishness, and to sing a song in humility and trust, for the glory of God, and for the glory of the Holy One. “

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Tickets for the concert can be purchased “Ticket Paradise” box offices.

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