Condition after the storm. Kaczyński is chasing “Juice from Beetroot” and the secrets of Przyłębska

Suski heard in Brussels that it was worse in Poland than in Syria

After a well-deserved vacation in the backwoods of Western Pomerania, President Jarosław Kaczyński returned to the political headquarters of Poland – hidden in the hideous building at Nowogrodzka Street in Warsaw. To emphasize his return with a strong accent, the PiS president gave an interview. Kaczynski is becoming more and more alienated – if he does, he is either to the media controlled by PiS or paid for by state-owned companies. This was also the case this time. Kaczyński gave an interview to the Polish Press Agency, controlled by PiS nominees.

When asked about the government’s reconstruction, he stated that the changes would be cosmetic and tartly joked that he himself had no intention of resigning from his post unless others gave up. And what is president Kaczyński doing in the government? He claims that as the deputy prime minister for security, he is preparing a law on the universal duty of defense. It sounds enigmatic, so “Stan po Burza” wonders who Kaczyński wants to wear in boots?

The president also pretends that he does not resign from the lex-TVN law, and dispenses the announcement of the presidential veto with the trifle that you need to talk to the president because you can convince him. However, he forgets to add that he has not talked to the president for 1.5 years.

The president also gives a hard and unequivocal resistance to those who, after the excesses of his adjutants – Marek Suski and Ryszard Terlecki – accuse PiS of taking Poland out of the EU. As usual, Kaczyński says that there will be no Polexit.

But the situation is serious. Kaczyński’s earlier wars with the Union paled in what is happening now. Because this time it is about money that the European Union does not want to give us by making clear demands. Panic has begun in the ruling camp, because PiS needs thick euros from unpopular Brussels to maintain its power. The rulers are trying to do something about the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court, which the EU institutions have recognized as an illegal court, demanding its closure. And minister Waldemar Buda, responsible for the National Reconstruction Plan, writes letters to local governments to verify their anti-LGBT resolutions.

It’s all silently. Because officially, Kaczyński is still heating up the anti-EU campaign. In an interview with PAP, as usual, he attacked the EU, as usual, stated that Poland was discriminated against and, as usual, announced that the EU treaties had to be changed. Stan po Burza reminds us that Kaczyński promised six years ago that he would write new treaties for the European Union. We are waiting impatiently – Suski could edit an invocation to the occupiers from Brussels.

Anyway, Suski was not withdrawn by Kaczyński after his extremely stupid statements. On the contrary. This week, he toured the media – and broke his own record. First, when asked by Robert Mazurek in RMF FM, whether he really saw parallels between the Nazi occupation and the European Union, he replied: “I am not saying that it is the same, but some elements appeared like before World War II.” A day later, in an interview with Beata Lubecka on Radio Zet, he stated: “What is the demand for recognition of the superiority of EU law over Polish law? Request to withdraw the question from the Constitutional Tribunal [w tej sprawie]and if not, will we be starving? I associated it with Oświęcim and the starvation of Poles. ” He also said that in Brussels he heard that “with us people are in prisons for carrying flowers in the streets, that it is worse than in Aleppo, that there are tanks in the streets”.

“Stan po Burza” gives up – the audience is asked to comment on the state of the deputy on their own. And preferably not in public.

Julia’s president mysterious biography

When PiS won the 2015 elections, it was clear that the first element of the attack would be the Constitutional Tribunal – Jarosław Kaczyński wanted to control it so that he could do whatever he wanted, without fear of declaring PiS laws unconstitutional. The president of PiS took over the Constitutional Tribunal and put an unknown, low-ranking judge from Poznań, Julia Przyłębska at its head. He argued that this would be the first, independent president of the Constitutional Tribunal, after all, all her predecessors were supposed to be from the “treaty”.

Mysterious hackers who hacked the e-mail account of Minister Michał Dworczyk showed what this independence really looks like. The correspondence published by them last week comes from October 2018, when changes in the judiciary entered into force. Then President Andrzej Duda wanted to appoint the president of the new Chamber of the Supreme Court. It is about the Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs Chamber, created by PiS in order to be able to challenge legally valid judgments of courts and approve elections.

On the day when new judges of the Supreme Court were appointed, Minister Dworczyk reported to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of a meeting with Presidential Minister Paweł Mucha. The conversation concerned prof. Leszek Boska, whom President Duda saw as the president of the Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs Chamber. The prime minister did not want to agree to this. There was then a dispute – both constitutional and personal – between Morawiecki and Duda as to whether the president himself could appoint the president of the Supreme Court chamber without the prime minister’s countersignature. Hence the meeting between Dworczyk and Mucha – the gentlemen were to come to an agreement on behalf of their principals.

Why did Morawiecki not agree to Leszek Boska? “Stan po Burzy” thinks that it is because Bosek is a pupil of the hated in PiS prof. Marek Safjan, former president of the Constitutional Tribunal, today a judge at the Court of Justice of the EU.

In his correspondence to Morawiecki, Dworczyk explained that Paweł Mucha initially poorly accepted the prime minister’s objection, but after reassuring him that no one wanted to take advantage of it politically, he calmed down.

Then a compromise was worked out: Morawiecki will indicate judges whom he criticizes. Duda will select the president of the chamber from among the others. “I had a brief phone call in the evening with President Julia and summarized this conversation. She reacted positively to the idea and asked you to call her, ”Dworczyk wrote to Morawiecki. This is proof that Przyłębska takes part in confidential decision-making processes within PiS, even though as the head of the Constitutional Tribunal she should stay away from politics.

But this was not the only problem with PiS with God and more than one meeting with Przyłębska. Professor Bosek was brought to the Supreme Court directly from the presidency of the General Prosecutor’s Office – it is an institution that provides legal services to the state treasury. Dworczyk described Przyłębska’s meeting with deputy presidents of the prosecutor’s office, who alarmed that the position of a judge could not be combined with other positions, while Bosek, after being nominated to the Supreme Court, has still not been dismissed from the head of the Prosecutor’s Office and is still making decisions. Dworczyk received a recommendation from Przyłębska for the new head of this institution and handed it over to Morawiecki. He also advised the prime minister that in order to avoid trouble, it was necessary to backdate God’s resignation.

These situations show that the role of Przyłębska in the ruling camp is greater than it has been previously believed. And the mockery that she is Kaczyński’s cook and his social discovery – distorts the correct image.

The political and culinary alliance between Przyłębska and Kaczyński also guarantees a career for the president’s spouse. Although PiS cuts officials immersed in the People’s Republic of Poland from the diplomatic service, Andrzej Przyłębski, registered by the security services as a secret collaborator, can sleep peacefully at the PiS outpost in Berlin. Although in the ruling camp he is considered an inept ambassador, the ideas of his dismissal are torpedoed by Kaczyński himself – Julia’s social lobbying cannot be overestimated in this matter.

For years, Przyłębska argued that she was a completely independent head of the Constitutional Tribunal. Although it was clear to the naked eye that this was a daring thesis, there was no obvious evidence of her relations with PiS – apart from teas with Kaczyński, of course.

Now everything is clear: in Dworczyk’s e-mails we have evidence that Julia is in – as it has been put – “our camp”.

“Stan po Burza” introduces the non-obvious biography of Przyłębska, which at first glance does not fit PiS at all. We also tell how it came under Kaczyński’s wings.

Kaczyński is chasing “Juice from Buraka”

This story shows that President Jarosław Kaczyński is really afraid of “Juice of Buraka”. Under this strongly vegan name, there are profiles on the Internet mocking PiS, administered by supporters of the opposition. One of the beetroot administrators was targeted by Kaczyński after the question on beetroot Twitter at the beginning of the year: “Hello PiS! Why did Jarosław Kaczyński vaccinate out of sequence? ” This struck the president so much that he decided to notify the prosecutor’s office. And our investigators, led by the brave Zbigniew Ziobro, decided to pursue this administrator – Marcin Mycielski. The problem is that Mycielski lives in Brussels. But what is this for the indomitable Mr. Zbyszek!

Kaczyński’s testimony was translated into French and sent to Belgium. Mycielski received a notification from the police and was questioned about defamation of the president. By the way, Kaczyński in his testimony – which “Stan po Burzy” learned in a known way – stated that the defamatory content had been shown to him by his associates and strongly denied that he had been vaccinated without a queue. But, like the president, even involving the prosecutor’s offices in two countries in a nonsense investigation, he did not lose his sense of humor. Well, he testified that if the accusations made by “Juice of Buraka” were true, he could lose his position as PiS chief, and his party would be looted in the elections. Joker.

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