Contracts for the acquisition of F-35 fighter jets are ready –

The cost of 36 new F-35A fighter jets are fixed. The army’s procurement office, armasuisse, has adjusted procurement contracts in line with the US government.

With an exchange rate of 0.95 francs per US dollar, commitment appropriations amount to 6.035 billion francs for combat aircraft and 1.987 billion francs for units of the surface-to-air defense system, indicates Friday the Federal Department of Defense.

The contracts relate to the purchase of 36 F-35A planes from the manufacturer Lockheed-Martin and five units of the Patriot system from the company Raytheon. For the moment, they have only been signed by the United States. They will come into force as soon as Switzerland has signed them in turn. The commitment appropriations will be submitted to Parliament with the message on the army 2022.

Discounted inflation

On September 27, 2020, the people accepted the purchase of new jets for 6 billion francs. This amount was based on the Swiss consumer price index for January 2018. In the meantime, the inflation forecasts have been updated. According to current inflation forecasts up to 2031, the maximum financial volume is CHF 6.3 billion.

However, currently, a commitment credit of 6.035 billion francs is planned for the 36 F-35As. This envelope is distributed for the two largest items to the tune of 3.828 billion francs for airplanes and 1.927 billion for the logistics package (ground equipment, replacement equipment, documentation, training and technical support).

The US government has also finalized contracts for the Patriot long-range surface-to-air defense system. They are subject to the same conditions as those relating to the F-35A. The exchange rate is also 0.95 francs per US dollar. The risks are similar to those associated with the acquisition of the aircraft.

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Compensatory business

The two acquisitions generate offsetting business to the tune of 4.2 billion francs. The aircraft manufacturer will compensate 2.9 billion francs, including nearly one billion in direct compensatory business, that is to say in direct connection with the aircraft, between foreign manufacturers or manufacturers and Swiss companies.

The manufacturer of the surface-to-air defense system will compensate 1.3 billion francs, including 260 million in direct compensatory business. Compensatory business must be completed no later than four years after delivery.

The new fighter jets will replace the Army’s 26 F-5 Tigers and 30 F / A-18s. Their acquisition was narrowly accepted on September 27, 2020, with 50.1% yes. A left-wing alliance has announced the launch of a “Stop F-35” initiative. She considers the “stealth” plane too expensive, technically deficient and unsuited to Switzerland’s needs.

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