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Florence, 17 January 2022 – According to the latest daily data released by the Region, on Monday 17 January the municipality that within 24 hours recorded the highest daily rate of infections per hundred thousand inhabitants in Tuscany Marradi, in the province of Florence, with 21 new cases per day on a population that does not reach three thousand people, for a rate that reaches almost quota 704. Much more distant, but still with a rather high rate, are the municipalities of Lajatico, in the province of Pisa (6 new positives in 24 hours, a rate of nearly 471), e Chitignano, a small village of 828 inhabitants in the province of Arezzo, with 4 new cases daily and a rate that stands at almost 456.


The rate of daily infections on one hundred thousand inhabitants it is a fact that is used to understand if a certain number of positives registered in a municipality in a day should be considered as many or few and how much they impact on the population. Let’s see in detail the situation at the provincial level and the data by municipality.

The data at the provincial level

Florence 213 (2,098 new cases)
lawn 195 (499 new cases)
Livorno 171 (563 new cases)
Pistoia 144 (418 new cases)
Grosseto 132 (288 new cases)
Massa-Carrara 122 (231 new cases)
Pisa 114 (476 new cases)
Siena 113 (299 new cases)
Arezzo 112 (377 new cases)
Lucca 99 (377 new cases)

Data by municipality

Central Tuscany area
In the area of ​​the provinces of Florence, Prato and Pistoia (in addition to the Pisan Leather Zone) the municipality where the virus has run the most in the last 24 hours is Marradi, which records 21 new positive cases and an incidence rate of almost 704, the Tuscan daily record. Two municipalities of the Florentine plain follow, but at a much lower rate: Sesto Fiorentino, with 348 (170 new infections in the last 24 hours) e Lastra a Signa, to 324 (63 new positives).

North West Tuscany area
In north-western Tuscany, which includes the provinces of Livorno, Lucca, Massa Carrara and Pisa, except the Zona del Cuoio) also in the data of January 17 is Lajatico the municipality with the worst data, due to another 6 infections, after 8 on Sunday 16 January, on a population of just 1274 inhabitants, for an incidence rate that falls from 627 to about 471. The less populous municipality of the province of Pisa follows, Orciano Pisano, with a rate of 314 and 2 new infected out of a population of only 629 inhabitants. It goes below 300, exactly to just under 258, theCapraia island, in the province of Livorno, where in the last 24 hours there has been a new positive case out of 388 inhabitants.

Zona Toscana South East
In the area that includes the provinces of Arezzo, Grosseto and Siena, Besides Chitignano, in the Arezzo area, where the rate exceeds 455 with 4 new cases per day out of 878 inhabitants, is close to the rate of 300 (297) Badia Tedalda, with 3 new positives. Three municipalities in the province of Siena follow: Chiusdino, to 277, with 5 new cases, Radicofani, at 275, with 3 new cases, Monticiano, to 264, with 2 new cases. Above 200 we also find the municipalities of Roccalbegna (2 new cases, rate of 212), Grosseto (170 new positives, rate of 208, Castelfranco Piandiscò (20 new cases, rate of 203) e Semproniano (2 new cases, rate at 202).

The capital municipalities

Florence 249 (897 new cases)
Grosseto 208 (170 new cases)
Livorno 198 (304 new cases)
lawn 192 (371 new cases)
Carrara 170 (103 new cases)
Pisa 142 (127 new cases)
Pistoia 135 (122 new cases)
Arezzo 132 (129 new cases)
Siena 120 (65 new cases)
Lucca 109 (97 new cases)
Pulp 64 (43 new cases)

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