Covid: This French network that provided false passes to singers, celebrities and major criminals

Spanish police have shut down the local branch of a fake health pass network that was flooding Europe from France. Media stars were the main customers.

Seven people were arrested in Spain on Tuesday, six in Madrid and another in Barcelona. They are suspected of belonging to a network that provided fake health passes to celebrities.

In total, 1,600 people could have benefited from the “services” of this network which would have been initiated from France, according to the Spanish authorities.

The organization is said to have recruited health personnel to access the register of vaccinated people and register non-vaccinated people.

The network recruited its customers on instant messaging applications by taking advantage of Holocaust denier groups. Fake PCR test certificates were also offered.

According to the Policia Nacional, “the operation made it possible to detect and identify the leaders of the criminal organization which operated from France, whose data have already been brought to the attention of the authorities of the country”. To date, the French authorities have not yet communicated on the subject.

The price of a fake OCR test certificate was set at 50 euros. The amount rose from 200 to 1,000 euros in exchange for European health passes.

1,600 people including a successful singer

The Spanish police indicate that an investigation has already been carried out and that arrests are not excluded concerning the 1,600 people who acquired the fraudulent proof of vaccination.

Among these beneficiaries, we find the singer Omar Montès, one of the most listened to in the country, who denied this information on his social networks indicating that he was normally vaccinated.

Media stars have also been caught in the nets of the Spanish police as well as criminals including the “Queen of Cocaine” and a famous burglar.

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