CRAZY RUMORS: Insiders point to Microsoft’s new high-profile purchase

Blogger SKULLZI, previously noted with a number of truthful leaks with regards to Starfield, stated, what heard “crazy rumors” about a new potential purchase Microsoft.

The insider did not confirm anything and warned users to blindly believe any publications on this topic, but noted that if the information turns out to be true, then it can cause heated discussions regarding the laws on monopoly in the market.

“I’m hearing CRAZY RUMORS about another big potential Microsoft purchase.

“There will likely be fake leaks and clickbaits regarding a new potential Microsoft purchase, but don’t believe anything other than official sources. It’s hard to tell from the outside what is true right now.”

“I predict that many internet lawyers will be debating monopoly laws in the near future.”

It is noteworthy that not long before this, the Xbox SMM specialist under the nickname Stein clearly hinted at some upcoming news that should be surprising. In an already deleted tweet, the manager described his reaction after the last working meeting with a GIF with the bewildered face of Chris Pratt from the popular meme.

Other insiders and journalists, including the XboxEra author Nick Baker and Tom Warren from The Verge also seem to know something.

Newly Windows Central Site Editor Jazz Cordensaid during the podcast The Xbox Two that he had heard from several reliable sources about Microsoft’s possible purchase of the company Take-Two Interactiveowning studios 2K Games and Rockstar Games.

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