Cristiano Ronaldo in great danger with the arrival of Rangnick?

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It is the surprise of the chief on the side of Manchester United. So many names have been mentioned among the Red Devils to take over from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, it is finally Ralf Rangnick, the former builder of the Red Bull sports project today at Lokomotiv Moscow as the leader, who should do his luggage for Manchester. With a clear mission that emerges: to sit on the bench until the end of the season before remaining within the club as a sports advisor.

And this project could not do the business of a certain Cristiano Ronaldo … Indeed, the Portuguese star will see a coach landed whose main principle is enormous pressing from all his players. Not really compatible with the usual defensive behavior of CR7. “Will he be able to convince Cristiano Ronaldo to comply with his philosophy of play, him the precursor of pressing and against pressing? “, Writes the Team about the next coach from Mancunian.

Cristiano Ronaldo was “too old” for Rangnick

A concern shared on the other side of the Channel. The daily The Sun evokes the fear of Manchester United fans on social networks, who did not fail to fear this difficult CR7-compatibility. A fear reinforced by old statements from Rangnick when he was playing at RB Leipzig. When asked whether he would have wanted CR7 and Messi in his team, Rangnick replied no, because the two legends were “too old and too expensive”. An opinion that the British press has repeated since yesterday.

to summarize

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo is expected to see a new coach arrive in the next few hours. And not sure if it suits him. The principles of the game of Ralf Rangnick do not seem frankly adapted to the game of CR7 …

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