Crusader Kings III: Postponed Add-On Receives New Release Date

The big add-on “Royal Court” for Crusader Kings III was supposed to be released this year, but as is well known, nothing came of it. Now there is at least a new release date.

In Crusader Kings III, strategists get a comprehensive and large extension with “Royal Court”. That should actually happen in 2021, but about a month ago the add-on had to be postponed to the coming year 2022. Today the creators have now confirmed the new release date: From February 8, 2022 you can throw yourself into the new game content.

With the major expansion, the strategy RPG will first be expanded to include the throne room, i.e. the visual representation of your royal court. In addition, there are a few other features that are officially stated as follows:

  • Throne Hall: The visual representation of the royal court will reflect the accumulated majestic power and prestige of a dynasty.
  • Hold court: Players interact with vassals and courtiers when they come to them with their problems and seek a royal verdict.
  • Pageantry: Players increase the quality of life at their court with extravagant facilities and quality food to impress their rivals and attract higher-value guests.
  • Inspired people: Talented artists, craftsmen and thinkers can work on new projects and enrich a farm with treasures and artifacts.
  • Hybrid Cultures: Players combine the best of a multicultural world and develop new ways of life that are specially adapted to their population and geography.
  • Cultural divergence: Rulers are separating from their traditional culture and adapting it to something new that better suits their ambitions.

In addition to the paid expansion, there will also be a free update for the main game. This includes a new culture interface, lower positions at the court and other improvements.

Crusader Kings III – Royal Court Release Date Trailer

After a postponement, the add-on “Royal Court” for Crusader Kings III has a new release date.

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