Cut in the pension of doctors: keys to avoid it

The medical profession awaits with expectation the changes will bring with it the new government pension reform. At this time, retirement represents a significant reduction in the doctors’ salaries since the contribution base it is usually less than your salary, especially when in addition to the ordinary day they have continuous care or guards.

And it is that in the current system there is a ceiling in the price, which in Spain is currently 4,070.10 euros. That is, from that amount onwards, even if the gross amount is higher in the payroll, and, therefore, no more rights are generated in terms of the amount of retirement; In this way, the maximum that a doctor could charge is 2,707.49 euros gross per month in 14 payments.

Concepts of continuing care, guards, have a different effect depending on the years exercised. In the case of ME, which do not reach the maximum contribution limit, do fall within the contribution base. However, in the attachments, which exceed the listing limit, the guards do not count towards retirement.

Those workers who exceed the maximum contribution, suffer significant compensation losses of between 30 and 50 percent, corresponding to the difference between the salary of the active doctor and his pension, as explained by the State Confederation of Medical Unions (Cesm).

Destope in the quotation

One of the claims of the group is, therefore, end that maximum ceiling to the contribution base. However, the so-called ‘destope’, in addition to having to affect all workers in the country, could find a future impediment such as the cap on the amount of retirement, so that no more rights would be generated even if more was quoted for have the same pension.

Likewise, the ceiling in the amount of the pension cannot be applied to a single sector or profession, and taking into account that corrective factors are being applied that seek to lower the amount of pensions in the fund, “it is difficult that one day a ceiling of the amount of the maximum pension is applied“They lament from the union.

For calculate the amount received It is necessary to add the contribution bases of the last 25 years, taking into account that the nominal value will be applied in the last 2 years, and that in previous years it will be updated according to the Consumer Price index. This situation, they say from the union, does not favor the profession since the more years are taken into account – as wages have usually been increasing – the usual thing is that the amount of the pension decreases.

Early retirement

Another possibility is to request early retirement, as long as the following requirements are met: 35 years of contributions and 64 years of age. Each year, the time required will increase until 2027, when it will take 38 years and 6 months of contributions or having turned 67, failing that.

In addition, the amount must be higher than the minimum that corresponds to the family situation at the age of 65. Of the contribution period, at least 2 years must be within the 15 years immediately prior to the moment of causing the right. A reducing coefficient is also applied that depends on the number of quarters that we anticipate retirement and the years of contributions. A figure that will change with the entry into force of the Pension Guarantee Bill of the Ministry of Social Security from 2024. In most cases they will improve except when the early termination period is two years. A) Yes, the greatest punishment would be suffered by those who retire at 63 years of age with less than 36 years and 6 months of contributions, since it would go from the current penalty of 16 percent to 21 percent.

If the retirement age is extended, the incentives cannot exceed the maximum pension, unless the regulatory base exceeds the maximum pension, as is the case with doctors. In that case, the incentives will be 2 percent for each additional year of contributions, if it is proven that they have contributed for a total of 25 years or less at the time of effective retirement. 2.75 percent having listed between 26 and 37 years; and 4 percent with a listing career greater than 37 years.

Risk profession

The personnel that includes the passive classes are civil servants, among which are the APD doctors. Where appropriate, officials appointed prior to January 1, 2011 belonging to the Passive Classes Regime may continue to retire at age 60 without penalty, provided they have 30 years of service to the State (RDL 670/1987). In this the pension reform does not affect them. Yes, they will benefit from the incentives to delay the retirement age presented by the 2021 pension reform.

The best solution, according to Cesm, is declare Medicine as a risk profession to advance the retirement age without incurring a penalty, as with other employees such as firefighters. At the moment, the procedures for this have been initiated based on RD 171/2004 on work with exposure to biological agents. The organism argues that there are many biological agents (bacteria, viruses, parasites) with which doctors come into contact in their professional practice. The most recent of them is el SARS-COV2, which has been classified as risk 3, although the Collegiate Medical Organization has requested that it be classified as risk 4. “That is why as a risk profession we should have the right to early retirement without penalties.”

In order to access the declaration of risk profession, a mandatory study with indicators such as the accident rate in the sector, distinguishing between the index of occupational accidents and the index of occupational diseases, morbidity and mortality due to illness and their direct relationship with work, and permanent disability derived from illness in the terms indicated in article 115.2.e) of the General Law of the Social Security, which occur in a degree higher than the average.

Working conditions are also taken into account, taking into account the pharshness, unhealthiness and toxicity, turnicity, night work and submission to production rhythms; the relationship with the worker’s age and time of exposure to risk; the physical and / or mental requirements required for the development of the activity and the approximate age from which entry into the sector or group is not advisable, or from which the activity cannot reasonably be carried out.

Dangerousness in night work

Said study will also contain the possibilities of modifying the working conditions in the sector or activity, based on the report issued for this purpose by the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate.

Therefore, records to access it are essential (accident rate, mortality, morbidity) and also that the contagion of SARS-COV2 is declared as an occupational disease, although now those that are available “are quite incomplete, even those of Covid-19”.

Besides the fact of being night workers It also makes them candidates for early retirement without penalties, given that the psychophysical requirements demanded in the development of the activity of the Night health practitioners cannot be performed after a certain age. In addition, the daytime sleepiness that comes with it increases the risk of mistakes and negligence.

For all these reasons, Cesm has proposed an early retirement proposal for all doctors so that Medicine is considered a risk profession, and that includes the risk of becoming ill for doctors who perform night work.

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