CVK: United Russia wins majority in Russian State Duma

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Russia’s ruling party, the ruling party United Russia, has won a majority, according to preliminary results compiled by the Central Election Commission (CEC) on Monday.


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According to current estimates, United Russia is eligible for more than 300 of the 450 parliamentary seats.

Andrei Turchak, secretary of the General Council of “United Russia”, has already stated that the victory was “fair and clean”, while supporters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny accuse the authorities of trying to falsify the results.


In the voting according to the party lists, “United Russia” received 48.4 %% of votes, after collecting 70% of the data of the district protocols, the CEC told.

The Communists received 20.3%, the Liberal Democrats 7.7%, the Just Russia 7.4%, and the Young People 5.55%.

These parties have overcome the 5% barrier and provisionally entered the State Duma.

In the single-member districts, United Russia received 87.12% of the vote, which allows it to apply for 196 seats.

The Communists have won 14 seats, the Just Russia seven, and the Liberal Democrats Jabloko, the Motherland, the Growth Party and the Civic Platform one each. Three more seats have been won by independent candidates, according to preliminary results of voting in single-member constituencies.

With more than 300 votes, United Russia would have a constitutional majority in parliament.

The left-wing “Righteous Russia”, considered the Kremlin’s pocket party, formed a joint list in this election with the left-wing nationalist party “Russian Patriots” and the pro-fascist party “For Justice” led by the infamous writer and leader of terrorist gangs in eastern Ukraine, Zahar Preepin.


The Young People’s Party is a center-right force that has not been represented in Russia’s federal parliament until now.

Voting in the State Duma elections lasted for three days – from Friday to Sunday.

Voting took place according to a mixed system: 225 deputies were elected from party lists, 225 in single-member constituencies.


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